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How do I beat The Destroyer?

I've tried over and over again, going against him different ways, and I keep running out of ammo. Is there a strategy for beating him?

No08_PwN3R1337 provided additional details:

Addendum: My file's stats and abilities were erased due to a bug fault on the game, when i went from being on online co-op, then switching to single player. However this was a while ago, so i have already beaten the boss due to a strangers co-op help.

I would like to takes this time to thank all of you for your wise words of wisdom, and I hope I can rely on you guys for help on different games in the future!


mc660099 answered:

His eye in the middle of his face is a critical hit its also a lot easier if you fight it with a friend
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kcmoore2648 answered:

That boss owned me like 3 times i lost like $600,000 on him ( /cry ) jest shoot the eye and pick up ammo that falls on the ground every so often
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PFirefly answered:

I killed him first try with out dying once, but I purchased all the ammo upgrades, and then equipped my highest damage dealing weapons. I cycled through them till I discovered that for me a combination of CR and the baron's boomstick killed him easily, if not quickly. I used only a 1/4 of my ammo and didn't pick any up during the fight and didn't use any ammo regen. Just go for that eye and shoot the tentacles when the eye is closed.
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chickenwing22 answered:

Go for the critical parts and the parts that can be taken out. The purple tentacles can be downed easily by hit the purple spots, and the purple eye can be hit for critical damage.
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Cheesewizes answered:

As the others have said aim for the critical parts on him, and if you have an alien weapon then you should use that on account of it will never run out of ammo.
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darkevin15 answered:

You can shoot the destroyers eye with a sub-machine gun like a desert anarchy it will stop the arms coming out of his body and stand behind a rock to be protected from his blast.
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Zatl answered:

When I beat the destroyer with Mordecai i was greatly disappointed. b/c it was so easy.
I thought to myself this game is really short. So I figured why not pass the main story in One night with a fresh character
+ a friend. I went over and we stayed up all night. Of course we only went thought the main missions it still took us 14 hrs. to complete because we took short breaks in between.

If your the right level It is a breeze. so thats why you train on the aliens before the destroyer, Because I was Mordecai he has a skill to penetrate shields 100% if its level 5 and because the aliens have huge shields and tiny hp one or two shots the most to take em out. So i usually grind the monsters for the best exp for tiny effort.

Simple Enough?

If not ask me anything about this game in help wise or if you wanna play MW2. Because I am done with borderlands.

My username on the PS3 is ElectroEjack
Xbox is FusedNAILBOMB
For the DS is alot of codes.
Stardust 5Ds is 0603-5679-9621
Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Mobilized is 4812-7102-9507
And many more but i use these mostly.
Any multi player game you have, I play.
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Hornimus answered:

Combustion Hellfire submachine gun, aim at eye, shoot before he attacks, when he attacks hide behind left pillar, repeat. you will kill it in a few minutes.
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Skyelur answered:

I beat him my first try with only 183 repeater slugs and 134 smg rounds...My stradegy was to shoot him in the eye and his tenticals coming out from time to time and hide behind cover when he shoots out his beam from his eye
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hecter74 answered:

And if your still having problems there's two arms/tentacles that come out and wrap around two stone pillars when he gets to 3/4 health you can hide behind them then melee attack him till he's dead it takes 8-11 hits to kill him
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2DIE answered:

I crouched behind the ARCH of rocks that formed and none of his attacks hit me except the eye blast that only took 300 of my shield and by the time he did it again i had full shield again his poison projectiles when shot, went to high and when they came down they landed on the arch rock above and his armed never reached me so i just took out my arsenal of weapons and shot him up..........................
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UltimateZ5 answered:

If you use shotguns, one way you can fight is to hide behind the rocks the Destroyer wraps his tentacles around, and just unload all of your shotgun ammo into the tentacle. It'll never move throughout the whole fight. It's a bit of a cheesy way to do it, but it works. You might want to watch out for the massive energy beam he fires throughout the fight, I'm not sure if it's a glitch or not but it can pass through walls and hit you for huge damage.
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T_FUNK_ERA answered:

When I defeated the Destroyer with the Siren on my first try, I threw several grenades into what appeared to be its mouth. I don't know if this helped but I had no trouble at all defeating this boss. I also was using my best SMG, Assault Rifle and shotgun. Ammo was not an issue.
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Nemesis895 answered:

I just Hid behind a rock and shot at his eye as well as his purple tentacles. I had plenty of ammo but I noticed that the purple missile things he shoot drop ammo if they don't hit you so if you run low just wait for them.
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Kaz_Adams answered:

One of the best ways to kill him, is, if you're roland, You should have your stats to where you regenerate ammo when you throw down your turret, or, like my dad had done, if you start to die, and you have little health left, jump off the cliff, you gain full health, but you do lose money, but the boss doesn't have full health still, it has the same amount of health as what it did before you jumped off, leaving you, with full health and shield, and the boss, with little health, it may cost you a lot of money, but don't worry, you can just gain it back later
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Sknowman answered:

On PT2 I killed him while taking minimal damage. If you go all the way to the left of the Destroyer, he can't hit you (except later on some tentacles will occasionally get you). You can even shoot his eye from there.
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tfviper577 answered:

Here's how I beat him, first I ran to the right to the large pillar to use a cover, then I used either a shotgun or a sniper rifle to take out the tenticles by aiming at the blue parts on them, (obviously) then I used an Eridian Cannon to attack his eye but anything strong works. So just keep destroying his tenticles and shooting his eye,eventually he will die. It is so much easier if you have a second player though.
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