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Where is the claptrap repair kit in trash coast?

Cant find it


IOError answered:

Once you have the mission selected, you'll see that the repair kit is very near the house where you kill "Bleeder", a unique Sythid mini-boss. (The mission is kill him is from the Middle of Nowhere Bounty Board.) The repair kit is ABOVE the house, on top of a pipeline. You need to trace the pipeline back to its source, jump on top, and run along it to get the repair kit.

The pipeline starts near the middle of the map, on top of a plateau that you can only get to by looping around to the north end of the Trash Coast, or the south end. The whole map is kind of shaped like a circle. Once you find the start of the pipeline, you'll see there is one spot where it's close enough to the ground that you can jump on top. Get on, and run (carefully!) to the very end of the pipe and pick up the repair kit. As usual, the repair kit will be glowing once you're given the mission by the Claptrap.
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