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Question on lvl cap?

I am lvl 50 and i just beat second playthrough and i was with a lvl 61... how do i get that high? i was lookin around and i saw somethin about willowtree (no clue what that is) and another on u cant get any higher than 50... so how was the other person 61. plz give me some info ^^

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ok ty... Umm does it cost anything?


datornado25 answered:

you have to get the downloadable content, specifically the Secret Armory of General Knoxx
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datornado25 answered:

I think it's like $10 per dlc. You can check the Playstation Store through your PS3 to double check.
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Aramil_Nubin answered:

All DLC for Borderlands (in the US, anyways) is $9.99 apiece on the Playstation Store.

Secret Armory of General Knoxx DLC will increase the Level Cap to Level 61. There has just been a patch recently, too, that increases the Level cap further, to Level 69. I don't think it will ever go any higher, now, though - because ppl have used WillowTree, to hacked their save files, and make their characters level 70. The program does a lot of other things presumably, too, like building custom guns, and other things. I don't use it, though, because it's illegal and immoral to be doing such a thing in the first place. So not increasing the cap anymore would ensure you can still see who the hackers are. If you meet anyone online who is Level 70, I suggest leaving the session right away, and reporting the people you saw. I have had my character ruined several times by Lv. 70 people. This is how: Loot that is dropped is generated randomly, based on a few factors, one being what level the character that made the kill is. If the formula finds the character is Lv 70, which is an impossible level, it will still create loot, but it will be glitched, and the only person that loot is technically safe for, is the LV 70 that made the kill. If a legitimate character picks it up, and uses it, it will glitch the character, and story progress for that character will no longer be possible. They will not be able to turn in missions they have completed.

All DLC for Borderlands (in the US, anyways) is $9.99 apiece on the Playstation Store.
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