Question from trigunbro

Iis it possible to max out all the skills?

Soo im wondering. u start the skill tree at lvl 5 and u can only max out to lvl 50 which gives u only 45 skill points and each skill takes up 5 soo the most u can max out is 9 skill right? and is there another way to gain skill points like skilling a boss and is it possible to max out all the skill?


VladTheImpala answered:

There are 2 ways to get more points, both of which require DLC. In the main game, you can only max out 9 skills like you said (you actually get 46 points, but the first 1 is used for activating your action skill), and in Mad Moxxi's you can get 2 extra - one for doing a quest in each playthrough. You can also get 11 more in General Knoxx, since you can get up to level 61. The total after all the DLC is 59 points, giving you the action skill, 11 maxed-out skills and 3 extra points to put towards another skill. You can get more if you use mods (as in hacking, not class mods), but I won't go into them.
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Kenou23201 answered:

@vladtheimpala good eye but its a way around this now

@trigunbro to max out your skills use the dlc skill point locations i.e the underdome, tetanus warrens to gain the skill point, HOWEVER, don't progress in the storyline after completing it or doing them after you completed all the stroyline missions & recieve the skill point, then join online games & point the person to the skill point missions or start a two player split screen game & get another character to the point where they can accept the mission, save it on a flash drive, then d the mission with the 2nd character hosting & you both get the skill point, load the save from the flash drive, rinse & repeat
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Cyberslam8 answered:

Adding on to what @VladThelmpala said, the maximum level is now 69 instead of 61. So, add in the extra 8 points and you'll have 67 points. Also, class mods can add up to 4 points to certain skills, and the points can stack to be 9/5 points. As far as I know, the best a class mod can do for skill points is adding 4 points to one skill and adding 3 points to two more skills, so that sums up to 77 points. Which would lead to 15 maxed out skills and 2 extra points to add to others.
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