Question from clarknaddison

Asked: 6 years ago

How do I beat Pirate Boss?

How do you defeat the Pirate boss? She sneaks up behind me and Im unable to block her attacks. 2 attacks and im dead. My characters are at level 21. Please help!?

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From: Kuroiki 6 years ago

If after chrissosaxy and Pigglypoo suggestion you still can't win against her then you have no choice but to level up a bit.
Blocking her attack is important though she still sneak up so put some Angel Trumpet incase she kills you also Frederic can support well with his fast healing so you can spam his skills to heal your party member.
And Polka for some reason her Nether Waves attack does a huge deal of damage and since most of the place is dark you can use it all time.

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Master the timing of blocking her attacks. Also, have Salsa power up your other members with her special attack, build up a chain of 24 or 32 hits, and use one of Frederic or Beats special attacks.

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Sometimes if you keep all three of your characters in a line shoulder-to-shoulder, Dolce will attack you in the front instead. You still have to block her attacks, or else she'll wreck your party at once, but at least you can block it and all three of your characters can get the most attacks possible in one turn since they're right next to her. Use Salsa's dark attack to power everyone's special attacks up and unleash them on her. Oh, and take out both the lackeys FIRST!

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