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Asked: 4 years ago

New game plus (+) ?

What dose new game plus (+) mean? I've seen it several times while reading through the answers.Dose it mean , a new game plus the next highest level ? Thanks.

Additional details - 4 years ago

If you change difficulty , do you still carry everything over still , or start completly fresh on next higest level.Thanks.

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From: Mookiethebold 4 years ago

New game+ is the term used when games allow you to play through them a second (3rd, 4th, etc.) time while retaining all your weapons, upgrades, money and other stuff that you collected on your previous playthrough (though exactly what carries over usually varies from game to game).

In the case of Dead Space you can keep everything - weapons plus upgrades, suits, RIG upgrades, credits and anything/everything that you had in your inventory and in the in-game store - and use it on a new playthrough on the same difficulty setting. Just load your end-game save file to begin again at chapter 1.

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You can't keep things if you change to a higher difficulty, but if you start a game on a higher difficulty right after finishing you should get to keep the level 6 RIG.

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