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Does Hard mode convert to Impossible Mode?

I know when you beat Dead Space (lets say on hard mode) and play a new game your items and things transfer over from previous gameplay. What i was wondering if it is possible to start a new game on Impossible mode from Hard mode and still have your items like the level 6 Suit.

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coolgamehunter answered:

It is possible to start the impossible level WITH the level 6 suit, you can find out how in the hints and cheats section, but I'm afraid you can't start it with the weapons or the upgrades to your suit or weapons.
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samperiharja answered:

Nope you cant do that sorry. You must beat the game on impossible so you can get the lv.6 suit for it
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n00b_gamer answered:

This is, Impossible. although if you complete the game on easy and immediatly start a new file on impossible, you may start out with the level 5 suit. happened to bth me and a friend (ps3=me Xbox 360=friend) don't know if its a glitch or not. try it it might wotk.
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DZeroStar answered:

If you finish a game on any difficulty and then immediately start a "New Game" on impossible (without turning the game off in between), you will retain the suit you were wearing when you beat the previous round. None of your inventory is carried over, but starting with a Level 5 or Level 6 suit gives you an excellent head start on impossible.
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darcknite04 answered:

Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The only way to keep all your items is to start a new game by loading your COMPLETED GAME save file. However, you can keep your suit from previous playthroughs on impossible mode. I finished the game on medium and had the military suit and got to keep it on my impossible playthrough.
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