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Asked: 5 years ago

What is the best weapon in this game?

What is the best weapon in this game?

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From: CMoney3432 5 years ago

There really is no best weapon....certain weapons are best for each situation...for example the pulse rifle is great when enemies are attacking from all directions..u just have to use the secondary fire... the line gun is best for a group of aliens attacking u from the front because it can cut all of them because of the width of the take out the guardian ( the creatures attached to the walls) i find it easiest to use the ripper cuz it easily cuts off the arms that come out of really it just depends wat situation ur in or wat type of weapons u like

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There is no best or worst weapon. Every weapon in the game has its perks and faults. It only comes down to what weapon works for YOU.

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For accurate users: the plasma cutter.
For inaccurate users: the force gun.

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I prefer the force gun due to the fact that it pushes enemies back. Comes in quite handy sometimes.

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