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"EA takes horror to the final frontier!"

A simple mission, repair a broken planet cracker and go home. A simple engineer, a lost love on his mind with a chance to make things right. A space ship, with a very bad case of a deadly space disease. Dead Space really explores the final frontier and every possibility that goes with it. As any good gamer knows, no mission is ever as simple as it sounds. You always have to read between the lines. EA was really staring into space with this one (KUDOS EA for this great game). Basically, you play an engineer with the "simple" mission of repairing a broken down planet cracker, which is a giant space ship used to excavate entire planets. When you get there of course, things go from bad to worse, and it never gets any better.

The game play in this is 3PS (Third-person Shooter) with some action and puzzle solving. During the majority of the game, you will be blasting up some very nasty looking enemies with everything from a Plasma Cutter to a space Flamethrower to a Contact Beam Rifle. What part of the game your not trying to stay alive, you are solving puzzles to get further into the space ship and mystery behind this outbreak. However, there is more than one way to skin a cat, so different elements like melee attacks and zero-gravity jumping adds in the action concept. It's got a little bit of everything, like the candies at your grandma's house right?

As stated, the enemies in this game are a pain in the @$$. For you shooters out there, be prepared for a challenge. Run and gun works in this game like any other, but with the lack of ammo and credits (money) to purchase more, it is very inefficient. The creators intentionally did this to make gamers think outside of the box. The easiest and most efficient way to destroy these monsters is by dismemberment and decapitation. Yes, you have to slice them from limb to limb. Depending on how you destroy their limbs will effect how they try to kill you. Cut off a limb and the enemy will crawl towards you, good for a quick escape or an easier target. Take off an arm and you have a little less firepower staring you in the face, good if your health is getting low. Decapitate a head and you have a wildly swinging enemy, REALLY good for a quick getaway. It usually takes about two limbs to finish off any enemy, including the head. These enemies are also crafty, as they will "play dead" in hallways to make you less alert, then spring on you as you approach them. A very good AI that keeps you on your toes.

The weapons in this game are (at the cost of sounding cheesy) out of this world. The most basic weapon and the first one you receive is your trusty Plasma Cutter. Honestly, it is the only weapon you need in the entire game. It is used with the sole intention of slicing of the enemies limbs. No matter what weapon you prefer, you will always go back to your trusty Plasma Cutter. However, there is stronger weapons that you can use, from assault machine guns to beam rifles and buzz saw launchers to flamethrowers, there is something to tantalize everyone. Keep your eyes open for the schematics as you travel through the game, as it is the only way to obtain these weapons. Early in the game however is two very usefully weapons you will receive, Stasis and Kinesis. Stasis is used to slow down fast moving equipment so you can advance and not get sliced in half and also for slowly down those fast moving enemies likes brutes. Refilled at different recharge stations and with refill packs found and bought around the ship, stasis will quickly become one of your best friends (and for cheaters, check the cheat section of this game for a code to instantly refill your stasis ability at anytime). Kinesis is a little better, as it takes up no ammunition or power to utilize and can get big heavy objects out of your way quick. Downside, no effect on enemies. You can however chuck different things you pick up at them, and can pick up dead enemies to use, but you can't pick up living attacking enemies (darn the bad luck). It's a lot to take in a use, but before you know it, you will be very proficient with all weapons and abilities.

The graphics in this game is top notch. When you see a bloody mess on the wall, you SEE a bloody mess on the wall. Right down to the nasty, half-eaten look on the muscles of the enemies to the gross deformed faces, this game makes you feel what you see and instills a sense of fear into your eyes. That may be a bit of an extreme description, but the graphics are very nice. The game emphasises a sense of darkness and mystery, as well as an edge-of-your-seat feeling. Rounding into a dark hallway as an enemy jumps at you is quite an experience, both thrilling and horrifying. Details on the suit used by our engineer friend are also very nice, almost every bit of his suit being detailed with grooves and edges.

Sounds and music in this game are great. You can hear enemies travel through the vents, which a very scary sound. The callings of nasty monsters as you hear footsteps in the distance is pretty intense. Everything down to the sparking of the electronics causes you to jump and shiver a bit. When music does play, it is very eerie, causing you to look around your surroundings to see if anyone is there. When you hear these sounds, they are crystal clear so you already see what you hear. The audio is just amazing in this game.

When they said that in space, no one can hear you scream, I don't think they were off by very much. Scream all you want for this game, Dead Space is definitely worth the scream, just make sure you don't wake up anyone and get the police called.......very bad experience to try and explain to your buddies. Just remember that with all games, play at a moderate distanced from the TV and with adequate light to avoid eye damage, but make sure to enjoy the game, and above all very afraid.

Reviewer's Score: 9/10 | Originally Posted: 12/02/08

Game Release: Dead Space (US, 10/13/08)

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