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How do I "paint" the grass? - PaletteTrophy

I've noticed that one of the trophies is asking me to paint the grass with three different colors. How do I change the colors? I'm thinking of trying tomorrow before resting for a week to get my "Welcome Back" trophy, but am not sure how to handle this one. Any suggestions?

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Super awesome. It works quite well! Thanks.

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Saphrinka answered:

I literally just got this one. :3 It's in the second level, the third/final area. After you complete a trail of flowers, and the big rocks open up, go over and touch the rocks. Your petals will "power up" and glow the same color as the flowers you just bloomed. Now you can color the grass, just like in level 4. The trophy doesn't require huge swatches of grass; as long as you've gone to each rock and put a bit of blue, yellow, and pink in the grass, the trophy will pop up.
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