Action DirectorKeiji Goda
Action DirectorHidetaka Suehiro
Animation ManagerYoichi Nakai
Animation Unit 1Keigo Chimoto
Animation Unit 1Isao Hiroyoshi
Animation Unit 1Naoko Kinshou
Animation Unit 2Ryuta Kamikawa
Animation Unit 2Yutaka Minekura
Animation Unit 2Tadashi Mitani
Animation Unit 2Akihiro Miura
Animation Unit 2Yoshimi Tanaka
Animation Unit 2Takahiro Uchida
AnimatorKeigo Chimoto
AnimatorIsao Hiroyoshi
AnimatorRyo Iura
AnimatorNaoko Kinshou
Art DirectorHitoshi Okamoto
Assistant ProducerLouis Lamarre
Business ManagerKuniaki Kakuwa
Business ManagerTakahiro Urazawa
Business ManagerShigeru Yoshida
Character Design & ModelingYusuke Amano
Character Design & ModelingHiroshi Imaoka
Chief AnimationShinichi Ogata
Cinema Scene ProgrammingYoshio Harada
Cinema Scene ProgrammingJ's Kataoka
Cinematic ProducerYoshitaka Tanigawa
Co-ProducerChad Alaksandus
Debug Chief ManagerYoichi Nakai
Debug Chief ManagerWataru Nishide
Debug ManagerYusuke Amano
Debug ManagerKeigo Chimoto
Debug ManagerYoichi Hayashi
Debug ManagerMasahiro Yamamoto
DirectorSWERY (Hidetaka Suehiro)
Effects DesignerIsao Hiroyoshi
Effects DesignerNaoko Kinshou
Effects DesignerNaoki Nakashiba
Executive ProducerMartin Defries
Executive ProducerYasuhiro Wada
Game DesignerHidetaka Suehiro
Lead AnimatorYoichi Nakai
Lead Character ArtistHitoshi Okamoto
Lead Level ArtistWataru Nishide
Lead ProgrammerJ's Kataoka
Level Design & ModelingKoji Hatta
Lighting DesignerHitoshi Okamoto
Motion ActorHironobu Hagihara
Motion ActorKohtaro Hirano
Motion ActorKanayo Hirata
Motion ActorMasya Kano
Motion ActorMayuko Maruoka
Motion ActorMariko Mori
Motion ActorShuichi Sumi
Motion ActorRyotaro Tsunekawa
Motion Capture Production ManagerNaoki Matsumoto
Motion Capture Production ManagerMasahiro Takashima
Motion Capture Production ManagerTatsuo Yoshihara
Movie DirectorKenji Goda
Movie DirectorHidetaka Suehiro
Movie DirectorNobusada Takahashi
Music ComposerRiyou Kinugasa
Music ComposerTakuya Kobayashi
Music ComposerHiromi Mizutani
PlannerYoichi Hayashi
PlannerYuki Kawanishi
PlannerKeisuke Mori
PlannerMasahito Yamoto
Planning SupportMasayoshi Kurokawa
ProducerKuniaki Kakuwa
ProducerTomio Kanazawa
ProducerNobuo Tomita
ProgrammerYoshio Harada
ProgrammerGen Ishiyama
ProgrammerShinji Zairo
Programming SupportTomoyuki Hiratani
Programming SupportMasato Kono
Programming SupportMasanori Okabe
Screenplay WriterKenji Goda
Screenplay WriterHidetaka Suehiro
Script and Voice Recording ProductionTad Horie
Script and Voice Recording ProductionRyosuke Oda
Sound DesignerMorihiro Iwamoto
Sound Support & ManagementHidetaka Suehiro
Storyboard WriterKenji Goda
Storyboard WriterShinichi Ogata
Storyboard WriterHidetaka Suehiro
Storyboard WriterNobusada Takahashi
Texture & Effects DesignerIsao Hiroyoshi
Texture & Effects DesignerNaoko Kinshou
UI GraphicsHonami Sakurai
Voice: Anna Graham/Sallie GrahamMelissa Hutchison
Voice: Becky Ames/Fiona FrecklesAmy Provenzano
Voice: Carol MacLaine/Lilly IngramAmy Rubinate
Voice: Diane Ames/Polly OxfordChristiane Crawford
Voice: Emily Wyatt/Valentine MorganRebecca Wink
Voice: Forrest KaysenDoug Boyd
Voice: Francis York MorganJeff Kramer
Voice: General Lysander/Jack the Raging Bull/Wesley the GunsmithRoger Jackson
Voice: George WoodmanCasey Robertson
Voice: Harry Stewart/Jim GreenGary S. Martinez
Voice: Isaach IngramCameron Thorpe
Voice: Isaiah IngramSimon Lunch
Voice: Keith IngramBrian Sommer
Voice: Michael Tillotson/Brian the InsomniacAndrew Ceglio
Voice: Nick CormackDaron Jennings
Voice: Olivia Cormack/Roaming SigourneyMichele Johnston
Voice: Quint DunnNick Tagas
Voice: Richard DunnDanny Shorago
Voice: Rosy Lips GinaErin Beers
Voice: Thomas MacLaineChristopher Sullivan
Voice: Ushah Johnson/Brian Xander MorganDavid Rosenthal


Data and credits for this game contributed by ZeroMarkenz, Blk_Mage_Ctype, CassyChan, oliist, Henry Beams, Doumah, Supermerlion, discoinferno84, and hockeybub89.

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