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Asked: 5 years ago

Item shop items unlocked?

For the S-Rank mission where you have to unlock all shop items, how do you do that? Because I've almost completely beaten the game (like entirely, not just story mode) and I don't understand how I'm supposed to do this.

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I have beaten the game completely and getting all the shop items takes a while but since u have just about beaten it 2 then it shouldn't b hard 4 u. when u do missions u get rewards like grasshoppers and flowers and all that stuff. well u need all that. go 2 the item shop and look at the list of things that u r supposed 2 give 2 the shop. if the name of an item is grey then that means u have already gotten it or delivered it. if it is black then that means u still have some stuff 2 deliver 2 the shop (rewards from missions.) and if it is blinking red then that means u have everything 4 that particular item. when u complete 1 item from the list, a new item then appears. just keep on getting items 4 the shop. the more u complete, the more items will become available until u have delivered everything on the list. its basically exactly the same as the Ichiraku Ramen Shop except it is items instead of food ingredients

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