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Asked: 1 year ago

What is the best strategy for saving the market vendor in china town?

During the hunter and the hunted, when you have the optional objective of saving the vendor before the target kills him in the alley, what is the best way to do this? I've tried several different methods, but it doesn't want to register that i've completed the objective even with the vendor alive.

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Also when a good time to pull the lever so I get the accidental electrocution would be appreciated!

Accepted Answer

From: Dekay13 1 year ago

I find the best strategy is to hide in the dumpster, then, after the mark has pushed down the vendor, you are free to retire and dispose of the mark. The vendor will be looking down and covering his face with his hands : this counts as not being spotted.

To retire the other mark with electricity, wait until he starts urinating on the truck, then pull the switch. Don't forget to hook the wire to the truck first though.

Good luck!

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About the vendor, grab a sharp weapon, get to the spot that overlooks them both (behind'ish the vendor) throw sharp weapon at the target, the momentum should be enough to knock him inside the hole and no one will see you.

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When the target is counting down from 10, kill him. I had this same problem but it worked when I killed him while he was counting down from 10.

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