Game Script by Minty Fresh Death

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Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Game Script Guide Version 1.00
Completed on March 3rd, 2009

Written by Minty Fresh Death

(1)             TABLE OF CONTENTS

(1)	Table of Contents
(2)	Introduction
(2A)	Version Updates
(2B)	Preface and Legalities
(3)	The Game Script
(3A)	Navigation
(3B)	General Information
(3C)	DC Universe Intro
(3D)	Mortal Kombat Intro
(3E)	Chapter 1: The Flash
(3F)	Chapter 1: Liu Kang
(3G)	Chapter 2: Batman
(3H)	Chapter 2: Sonya Blade
(3I)	Chapter 3: Wonder Woman
(3J)	Chapter 3: Jax
(3K)	Chapter 4: Green Lantern
(3L)	Chapter 4: Sub-Zero
(3M)	Chapter 5: Scorpion
(3N)	Chapter 5: Captain Marvel
(3O)	Chapter 6: The Joker
(3P)	Chapter 6: Shang Tsung
(3Q)	Chapter 7: Lex Luthor
(3R)	Worlds Collide
(3S)	Chapter 7: Raiden
(3T)	Chapter 8: Superman
(3U)	The Final Battle
(3V)	DC Universe Ending
(3W)	Mortal Kombat Ending
(4)     Frequently Asked Questions
(5)     The Final Word (Thanks Section)

(2)               INTRODUCTION


1.00 - The very first version. Updates to come. Maybe. :D


Yo there. After feeling bored one Tuesday night (which seems to 
be the story of all the FAQs I've ever written) I decided to
write up a guide to the game script for the latest game in Midway's 
Mortal Kombat series, MK vs DC Universe. My reasoning for this is born
out of an appreciation for the effort the game designers and the comic 
book writers went to in order to produce a great story (for a fighting 
game, at least).

This version of the Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe Game Script
(Version 1.00) is exclusive to GameFAQs.
You are NOT allowed to post any version of this guide on any 
other websites WITHOUT my given permission. My e-mail is under 
"The Final Word" section if you wish to contact me. You also may 
NOT copy any of the things you see in any version of this guide 
and stick it into your own. You are also not allowed to plaguerise 
any versions of this guide (don't steal the information and type 
it up in your own way) and you are NOT allowed to use it in any 
way to gain profit.

This guide is not property of Midway Games and is not written 
or supported by them.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

Copyright 2009 by Dan Gallagher, AKA Minty Fresh Death.

(3)              THE GAME SCRIPT


As you may have already seen in the contents page, all of the chapters
contained in this script are numbered. If you want to zip to a chapter,
highlight the number/letter combination of your chapter from the
contents page, right click your mouse and select the "Copy" option, click
the "Edit" tab at the top of your browser and select "Find". Once you
have the small window up, right click and select "Paste", then finally
select "Find Next" to go to your desired location.
Alternatively, you may have a "Find" option as a magnifying glass icon
in the top left of your browser. Copy your text, then select the tab next
to the icon, then "Find on this page" and paste it into the window and
click "Next". Simple enough, really.


As much as possible, this guide deals with both sides of the story in
chronological order. However, because the chapters tend to overlap one
another as far as a timeframe goes, I will not attempt to switch
between chapters for the sake of chronology. The two exceptions to this 
rule are the "Worlds Collide" and "The Final Battle" chapters, which will
be explained in more detail when you get to them.

Whenever the story switches into an in-game battle, it is denoted by
the phrase "They fight." This is followed up with a brief narrative
of who overpowers who and knocks them out. Any specific descriptions
of a brawl (ie "Batman attempts to punch Sub-Zero") should be considered 
part of a cutscene rather than an in-game fight.

Being from the UK, I check my spelling from the Oxford Dictionary, so
any spellings you see here which may seem incorrect are most likely
consistent with English rather than American (ie "colour" instead of
"color".) Of course, if I have spelled something wrong here in English,
feel free to e-mail me to point it out. But don't bother if I've
spelt a word that normally begins with "c" with a "k", for obvious
reasons. :)

When speaking, characters are denoted by their names given in-game 
by the announcer and the select menu (ie Batman, not Bruce Wayne.) In
description, their name may switch. For easy reference, here is a brief 
(but not exclusive) list of character aliases (nicknames not included for
the sake of my sanity).

Superman - Clark Kent / Kal-El
Batman - Bruce Wayne
The Flash - Barry Allen
Wonder woman - Princess Diana / Diana Prince
Green Lantern - Hal Jordan
Captain Marvel - Billy Batson
Catwoman - Selina Kyle
Deathstroke - Slade Wilson
Scorpion - Hanzo Hasashi
Jax - Jackson Briggs


[The scene opens with a birds-eye view of Metropolis.]

SUPERMAN (Narrating): Metropolis. A shining example of human achievement. 
This is where we made our final stand against Darkseid and his army of 
para-demons, born in the fire pits of a distant world called Apokolips.

[The birds-eye view shifts to show Metropolis skyscrapers ravaged by battle.
Flames lick out of many a charred building.]

SUPERMAN (Narrating): But what seemed like victory was only the beginning...

[The skyshot zooms into two figures hovering in mid-air. Superman is holding
the considerably larger Darkseid by the throat.]

SUPERMAN: It's over, Darkseid.

DARKSEID: Don't be so sure, Kryptonian.

[Superman punches Darkseid, who falls back to the ground. He lands in an
abandoned war-torn road, tearing a gigantic hole in the middle of it with a 
large explosion. Seemingly satisfied that Darkseid is out for the count, 
Superman glides back down to earth. As he lands next to the hole, a bald man 
in a business suit - Lex Luthor - walks to the other side.]

LEX LUTHOR: Took you long enough.

SUPERMAN: Luthor...

[Superman glides over the hole as he continues speaking, landing next to

SUPERMAN: You threatened the safety of Earth for your own personal gain. 
You allied yourself with Darkseid.

LEX LUTHOR: I was only trying to ensure humanity's survival in the event 
that you and the other so-called heroes failed.

[A purple flash interrupts their argument. Both Superman and Luthor turn to
see Darkseid struggling out of the hole in the road, a boom tube opening up
before him.]

LEX LUTHOR: Darkseid's activated another dimensional boom tube. He's going 
to escape!

DARKSEID: This isn't over, Superman.

SUPERMAN: Don't be so sure.

[Superman blasts Darkseid with his heat-vision ray. As Darkseid yells out
in pain, the boom tube becomes visibly distorted as well.

DARKSEID: Insolent fool! You're destabilising the boom tube!

[A red-yellow outline surrounds the purple boom tube as Superman finally
lets up on his heat ray. Darkseid, caught in the destablising boom tube
and unable to escape, is consumed by yellow light. With one final scream,
he disappears along with the tube, which implodes into itself and then 
disperses in a gigantic yellow flash. The resultant shockwave sends a 
battered car tumbling along the street which narrowly misses crushing 
Luthor, who dives to the ground. Superman continues to look at where the 
boom tube disappeared while Lex picks himself up.

LEX LUTHOR: I'm amazed you didn't kill us.

SUPERMAN: Save it, Luthor. You're going to jail, but this time you'll be 
someplace much more secure than Stryker's island.

[Superman takes a hold of Lex by his arm.]


[Superman flies off with Lex in tow.]

SUPERMAN: Don't worry. I'll make sure your cell has a nice view of Earth.


[The scene opens with nothing but a black screen.]

RAIDEN (Narrating): The realms are in constant flux. They change and shift
like an endless dream.

[The scene slowly fades into a graveyard, where an inter-realm portal has
just opened. Out from it comes the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn.]

RAIDEN (Narrrating): Shao Kahn's defeat should have marked our victory
against the threatened merge of Earthrealm and Outworld.

[Shao Kahn falls to his knees, exhausted. Behind him, another figure
enters from the portal - the sorcerer Quan Chi.]

RAIDEN (Narrating): Instead it heralded a new struggle for independence...

[The portal closes behind Quan Chi as he addresses Shao Kahn.]

QUAN CHI: Shinnok will be displeased by your inability to take Earthrealm.

[Kahn roars in anger and slams his war hammer into the ground.]

SHAO KAHN: Hold your tongue, sorcerer!

[Quan Chi smiles as Raiden appears before the two of them in a flash of
lightning. Kahn struggles to his feet.]

SHAO KAHN: Raiden...

[Raiden blasts Kahn with a bolt of lightning, sending the Emperor 

RAIDEN: Your invasion of Earthrealm violated the rules of Mortal Kombat, 
Shao Kahn. Your Tarkatan horde has been routed by the Forces of Light. 
Even now your allies desert you.

[Kahn turns around. Quan Chi has opened a portal and is walking toward it.]

SHAO KAHN: Quan Chi! Traitor!

[Quan Chi turns around to see Shao Kahn running full pelt towards him.
Kahn knocks the sorcerer aside with a single swing of his hammer. Raiden
takes the opportunity to blast Kahn with a lightning ball, knocking him
into the portal. Strangely, Kahn does not disappear into the portal, but
instead sticks to it.]

SHAO KAHN: What have you done?!

[A thin white outline appears on the rapidly destabilising portal and
Shao Kahn is bathed in yellow light. The portal then suddenly implodes
into itself and disperses in a gigantic yellow flash. Once the shockwave
has passed over him, Raiden looks toward where the portal was for a moment,
but then turns to Quan Chi.]

RAIDEN: Earthrealm will never succumb to the Forces of Darkness, Quan Chi.
Now you will face the judgment of the Elder Gods.

[Raiden takes a hold of Quan Chi's arm and the two of them teleport away
in a flash of lightning.]


[The scene zooms into a wrecked Metropolis corner-shop. A television
next to one of the shop windows, while on it's side and flickering, still
works. It shows a Metropolis news report.]

REPORTER: Reports are coming in that Darkseid has been defeated by 
Superman. Though the invasion is in fact over, the looting continues.

[A looter passes by the shop. He walks out of frame, and only his shadow 
cast on a nearby wall is seen. Another shadow drops from above and lands 
in front of him.]

LOOTER: Deathstroke! How's it going?'s been a while, I got all
the money for you--

[Deathstroke unsheathes his sword.]

LOOTER: No, no, no, please! I got the money! Waaagh!

[Deathstroke decapitates the looter with one swing of his sword. As his 
body drops to the floor, the shot pans round to show Deathstroke standing 
over the headless corpse.]

DEATHSTROKE: You should have paid up sooner - you'd still have a head.

[Deathstroke sheaths his sword and walks round the corner, through
the devastated streets of Metropolis. He stops as a red blur flashes by
him and immediately brings his sword to bear. The same blur zooms by him
twice more.]

DEATHSTROKE: Metropolis isn't your turf.

[The blur shoots by Deathstroke again. He lashes out with his sword but
is far too slow to hit anything.]

DEATHSTROKE: I suggest you run back to Keystone City before something bad

[The blur heads straight for Deathstroke this time, bowling him over. It
stops, showing that it is indeed the Flash.]

THE FLASH: Don't bother getting up, Deathstroke. You're going to jail.

[Deathstroke gets up anyway.]

DEATHSTROKE: Not without a fight!

[They fight. Even with his enhanced abilities, Deathstroke cannot keep up 
with the lightning speed of the Flash and is knocked unconscious. With his 
opponent down, Flash radios in to the Justice League.]

THE FLASH: Flash to Wonder Woman. I just went three rounds with Deathstroke.

WONDER WOMAN: I'll contact Metropolis PD. I need you in Gotham.

THE FLASH: No problem. I'll--

[Flash stops in mid-sentence and brings his hands to his head as if in pain. 
His eyes briefly glow a bright yellow.]

WONDER WOMAN: Flash! Are you OK?

[The pain stops as soon as it starts. Flash brings his hands down and shakes 
it off.]

THE FLASH: I'm alright. Just dizzy.

WONDER WOMAN: You've been running from city to city for hours. Forget about 
Gotham, I'll ask Martian Manhunter.

THE FLASH: I'm fine, Diana. I just felt strange for a moment. I'm on my way 
to Gotham now.

[Flash speeds off, leaving Deathstroke to pick himself off the ground.]

[Gotham City. The Bat-signal is prominent over the night sky. It is 
observed from a rooftop by Catwoman.]

CATWOMAN: Busy night for the Bat, and even he can't be everywhere at once.

[She sits down, pawing a valuable antique.]

CATWOMAN: What he doesn't know won't hurt him.


[Flash takes this moment to zoom in front of her.]

THE FLASH: ...but it might end up hurting you in the long run. Hand it over,

[Catwoman sits up as Flash extends his arm.]

CATWOMAN: Sorry Red, no can do. I'm protecting it.

[Catwoman backflips off where she was standing, landing on a lower roof 
partition. Flash watches with amusement, then zooms to obstruct her path in 
the blink of an eye.]

THE FLASH: I can never figure you out. One minute you're a hero, the next
you're a criminal.

CATWOMAN: I'm a complicated woman.

THE FLASH: You know, I don't feel like chasing you anymore.

CATWOMAN: And I don't have time to explain myself.

THE FLASH: We don't have to fight.

CATWOMAN: Oh, but I want to.

[They fight, spilling out onto Gotham City's streets in the process.
Catwoman is little trouble for the Flash and soon she's on the floor.
The antique rolls off her person.]

CATWOMAN: This is why I don't play nice with you hero types.

[An unfamiliar looking Australian with a cybernetic eye steps into the fray 
and picks up the antique.]

KANO: This oughta fetch a tidy sum.

THE FLASH: Alright, what's your deal?

[As he asks this question, Flash's eyes shine the same bright yellow as 
earlier and he grabs his head in pain. Kano watches with amusement.]

KANO: don't look so good, mate.

CATWOMAN: I'll take that...

[Sneaking up behind Kano, Catwoman swipes the antique from him and runs 

KANO: Hey!

[Before he can chase her, a portal opens up before Catwoman. Taken by
surprise, she is unable to slow her momentum and ends up running straight 
into it.]

CATWOMAN: Ahh! What the--

[As Catwoman disappears, the portal closes behind her. The Flash has now 
recovered, although his voice sounds distorted.]

THE FLASH: Hand over the gem!

KANO: Back off, freak! She took it!

THE FLASH: So you helped her escape!

KANO: I don't like your attitude. You need to be taught some manners!

[Kano takes a fighting stance and shoots a laser beam from his cybernetic 
eye. Flash dodges it before it even touches him. Kano tries three times 
more, each with the same result.]

KANO: Eh, you give Kabal a run for his money!

THE FLASH: My turn!

[They fight. With a newfound rage inside him, Flash beats Kano unconscious. 
He picks Kano up by his throat, his eyes yellow with fury, but before he can 
do anything another figure drops from the sky and lands next to them - 

BATMAN: Who is that man? What're you doing in Gotham?

THE FLASH: Batman! This freak tried--

[Flash's voice is still distorted and his eyes still yellow with rage, but 
he sounds like he's trying to fight whatever has possessed him. The fight 
soon dissipates as his mood angers.]

THE FLASH: --tried to kill me, and now I'm going to return the favour!

BATMAN: No, you're not. It's clear something's wrong with you. The Flash I 
know doesn't kill.

THE FLASH: Heh...he does now.

[Flash throws Kano aside and roars in rage before attacking Batman. They
fight, and the Flash's speed manages to overcome Batman's fighting skill,
with Flash knocking him to the ground. Not beaten yet, Batman struggles to
his feet as Flash advances towards him.]

THE FLASH: I thought you were a master of hand-to-hand combat.

[Batman whips around, stunning Flash with a tazer. Flash is out before he 
even hits the concrete.]



[The shot opens on the Wu Shi Academy. Liu Kang is meditating in the 
Academy's arena. He breathes deeply and opens his eyes, seemingly unaware of
the female assassin in a fighting stance behind him. She charges him and 
leaps into a flying kick, and Liu Kang grabs her foot and throws her aside 
without even getting off the floor. The assassin rolls across the arena and 
sits up, bemused, while Kang gets to his feet. It is now clear the 
"assassin" is in fact the Princess of Edenia, Kitana.]

KITANA: Nice move, Liu Kang.

LIU KANG: It was really your move. I merely redirected your own power
against you. 

[Kang helps Kitana to her feet.]

LIU KANG: And I could sense your chi. I knew you were there.

KITANA: I should never underestimate the combat skill of the White Lotus.

LIU KANG: I am surprised to see you so soon after Shao Kahn's defeat.

KITANA: I've taken leave from the Edenian resistance to solve a troubling 
puzzle; many of our forces have disappeared, vanished without a trace. We
cannot sustain these losses and hope to reclaim Edenia.

LIU KANG: Many White Lotus have also disappeared.

KITANA: By the gods...

LIU KANG: Who do you think is responsible?

KITANA: Shao Kahn was defeated, Quan Chi is rumoured to be imprisoned by the
Elder Gods - only two factions remain that are bold enough to fill the void
left behind.

LIU KANG: The Lin Kuei and the Black Dragon.

KITANA: Precisely. We need to know for certain that they're responsible.
They're from your realm, which is why I need your help.

LIU KANG: You'll need more than just my help. Contact Sonya Blade; she has a
better understanding of the Black Dragon than I. I will search for Sub-Zero.

[A graveyard. There is a light snowstorm in the air and Liu Kang is
searching around the graves.]

LIU KANG: Snow...out of place this time of year. If my hunch is correct...

[Liu Kang takes a golden medallion with the MK Dragon logo out of his
pocket. It is in fact a communicator of sorts. A purple swirl of magic
begins to protrude out of it and a magical image of Kitana appears.]

LIU KANG: Kitana, have you contacted Sonya Blade?

KITANA: Yes. It seems she has been on Kano's trail for the past week.

LIU KANG: Hmm...I'm not surprised.

KITANA: She will contact you later. I am returning to Outworld. Have you
found Sub-Zero?

LIU KANG: Not yet, but I feel I'm getting...

[As Kang looks to his left, he spots Sub-Zero shooting an ice blast at 

LIU KANG: ...close!

[In slow motion, Kang leans back and the projectile barely misses him,
impacting on a grave nearby and freezing it.]

SUB-ZERO: Closer than you think!

[They fight. Though Sub-Zero is a powerful combatant, he cannot match the
fighting skill of the Mortal Kombat Champion and he is soon on his knees.
As Liu Kang approaches, Sub-Zero struggles to get up.]

SUB-ZERO: Is this the way of the so-called Forces of Light? Exterminate
your enemies?

LIU KANG: It was you who attacked me, ninja.

SUB-ZERO: Many of our warriors have disappeared, and now I have found 
their assassin.

LIU KANG: I didn't kill any Lin-Kuei.

SUB-ZERO: I heard your communication. You and your Special Forces dogs were
about to--

LIU KANG: --Were investigating the disappearence of our comrades as well. 
It seems we have a common enemy, Sub-Zero. The question is; are you 
willing to work together to uncover the truth?

SUB-ZERO: How do I know I can trust you?

LIU KANG: Because I'm about to save your life.


[Liu Kang pushes him aside. A rope dart complete with rope shoots toward
them both and Kang deflects it with the armour on his forearm. Both men 
get into fighting stances as they face their attacker.]

SUB-ZERO: Scorpion...

LIU KANG: Go, now! We will meet again later.

[Sub-Zero looks to Liu Kang, shows his appreciation with a quick bow and

SCORPION: You allowed Sub-Zero to escape. Now you will suffer my wrath!

[They fight. Even Scorpion, a denzein of the Netherrealm, cannot match 
Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat. He is soon knocked down, but tries to struggle
to his feet. He suddenly begins screaming out in pain as yellow light
appears around him. His eyes flash yellow and the pained screams turn 
into raged screams as he looks at Liu Kang, who immediately launches into
his signature Flying Kick. There is a flash of yellow just before he
connects and Kang flies through the air, landing on his feet. Scorpion 
has disappeared and in his place stands the Flash.]

THE FLASH: What happened? I feel so strange...

LIU KANG: I have seen this trick before. Your illusion does not fool me -
Shang Tsung!

[They fight. Taken by surprise and disorientated from the teleport, Flash
is overwhelmed by Kang's attack and is soon knocked unconscious. Liu Kang
stands over his form, pondering.]

LIU KANG: Strange. If this was Shang Tsung, he would have reverted back 
to his normal state.

[Liu Kang holds his hand out toward the Flash. An orange mist the same
colour as his fireballs extends from his outstretched hand.]

LIU KANG: His feels strange. Foreign. I must take him to my
masters. They will be able to attune to his chi and discover his origin.

[Kang bends down and picks Flash up. Back at the Academy, he lays Flash 
down in the arena. No-one is around.]

LIU KANG: Masters? Masters! Where are they? Why don't they answer?

[Liu Kang suddenly senses the presence of another person and whips 

SHANG TSUNG: Because they no longer draw breath.

LIU KANG: Shang Tsung!

SHANG TSUNG: And soon, neither will you!

[They fight. Although Shang Tsung is a powerful sorcerer, he has always
been outmatched against Liu Kang and this time proves no different. He is
soon knocked out by the Mortal Kombat champion.]

LIU KANG: May the Elder Gods bind you in another realm for your treachery,

[A communicator on Liu Kang's forearm beeps. He speaks into it.]

LIU KANG: This is Liu Kang.

SONYA: Sonya here.

LIU KANG: Have you found Kano?

SONYA: I almost caught up with him but he disappeared. I did get close
enough to tag him. I've been trying to initiate a techno-portal to his
current location but I can't stablise it. How goes your search for Sub-Zero?

LIU KANG: The Lin Kuei are not behind this. They are suffering losses as
well. I think there is a new threat. I fought a warrior, something
resembling a red devil with a bolt of lightning on his chest. At first I
thought it was Shang Tsung transforming his appearence. I have ruled out
that possibility. This is a different warrior altogether. I clearly sense 
an abnormality in his chi.

SONYA: His chi?

LIU KANG: The energy that courses through all things in the universe. This
aura is unlike anything I have seen before. I will try to attune to it.

[Liu Kang kneels down next to Flash and extends both of his arms above 

SONYA: Attune to his...? Don't do anything crazy, Liu Kang.

LIU KANG: I will be fine.

SONYA: You may be the champion of Mortal Kombat but you are not invincible.

[Liu Kang begins meditating, the orange mist appearing before his hands.
Yellow light surrounds the Flash's body and Liu Kang starts screaming in
pain. The ground around the two of them turns bright yellow as Kang's 
screams progress and the light begins to engulf him. With a final scream, 
he disappears.]


[The scene opens in the Batcave. Batman has laid the unconscious Flash on 
an operating bed and is running diagnostics on a nearby computer. He wakes
Flash up with some smelling salts.]

THE FLASH: Unngh...

[Flash's eyes are no longer yellow and his voice is not distorted.]

THE FLASH: My head...what'd you hit me with?

[Flash sits up.]

THE FLASH: Wait a minute. Am I inside the cave?

BATMAN: Why did you attack me?

THE FLASH: Listen, I'm sorry. I don't know what happened. I just...felt this
rage. It overwhelmed me. I couldn't stop myself.

BATMAN: What're you doing in Gotham?

THE FLASH: Wonder Woman asked me to help, and that's when Catwoman and that 
other guy showed up.

BATMAN: I'd like to run some tests.

THE FLASH: I told you, I'm--

[As Flash gets up, he feels something amiss.]

THE FLASH: Oh no...

[Flash screams out in pain and holds his head as his eyes turn yellow. The
light protrudes from him this time.]

BATMAN: What's happening?!

THE FLASH: Get away, I can't control--

[The light surrounds Flash completely. With a final scream he disappears,
and Scorpion appears in his place.]

SCORPION: What sorcery is this?

BATMAN: Interesting...

[Scorpion turns to face Batman.]

SCORPION: Sub-Zero! Coward! First you hide behind others, now you hide
behind an illusion? There's no escape from Scorpion! FIGHT!

[They fight. Scorpion, disorientated by the teleport and weakened away 
from his native realm, is overwhelmed by the Caped Crusader's advanced
weapons and fighting ability. The hellspawned warrior is beaten into

[In the next scene, Batman has laid Scorpion on the same bed that the 
Flash previously occupied. He has apparently finished diagnosing the ninja
spectre and is in the middle of a communication with Wonder Woman over his

BATMAN: Whatever Scorpion is, Wonder Woman, it isn't human.

WONDER WOMAN: What about Flash?

BATMAN: I believe Flash and this "Scorpion" creature switched places 
through some sort of teleporation event.

WONDER WOMAN: Keep me informed of your progress.

BATMAN: I will. Batman out.

[As Batman closes communications, an alarm sounds on the computer.]

BATMAN: Another energy anomaly similar to that of Scorpion's frequency?
In the heart of Gotham?

[Batman looks over to Scorpion as the scene fades out. It fades into one
of Gotham City's many streets. The Batmobile is in full motion, and the
unconscious Scorpion has come along for the ride with Batman. Diabolical
laughter suddenly sounds across the Batmobile's in-built radio and a
familiar looking clown doll lands on the vehicles windshield. Batman
immediately brakes to a halt and the doll flies into the streets, 
exploding violently. In slow motion, the doll's disembodied head - still
laughing - flies into the night sky.]

BATMAN: I don't have time for this nonsense.

[Batman exits the Batmobile. Across the road, the maniacal Joker walks
toward him.]

THE JOKER: No, no, no, you were supposed to DIE when the clown exploded!

BATMAN: Sorry to ruin your night, Joker.

[They fight. Batman has little trouble beating the tar out of his nemesis.
As he moves in for the finish, Joker backs up on the ground.]

THE JOKER: Ok, ok, I give up!

[Batman handcuffs Joker.]

BATMAN: I've heard that before.

[A loud scream attracts both men's attention. Liu Kang appears before them,
the yellow light still protruding around him.]

BATMAN: This night just keeps getting better and better. Stay where you are.

[Batman walks towards Liu Kang.]

THE JOKER (sarcastically): Yea, that's gonna happen.

[Batman approaches Liu Kang just as he picks himself up.]

BATMAN: Who're you?

LIU KANG: I am...Liu Kang.

BATMAN: Are you injured? I can help you.

[As Kang looks at Batman, his eyes flash yellow and he stares in shock. 
The camera switches to his perspective; aside from every light source 
being tinged with yellow and his view slightly distored, instead of 
Batman before him, Liu Kang sees Shang Tsung.]

LIU KANG: I thought I defeated you, sorcerer. By the Elder Gods, I will
finish you!

[They fight. Liu Kang seems to find an equal in fighting ability in 
Batman, and coupled with being disoreintated from the teleport, he is
eventually worn down and knocked out by the Dark Knight. With Kang down,
Batman looks around. Joker has fled the scene, and so has Scorpion.]

BATMAN: No Joker...and no Scorpion. Your little distraction means two 
deadly menaces are out on the loose. At least you're not going anywhere.

[Batman radios in to the Justice League.]

BATMAN: Green Lantern, this is Batman. I have a prisoner I need to examine
in a secure location. I need an extraction to the UN orbital station.

GREEN LANTERN: I've been having problems with my ring. It may have been
damaged during the battle with Darkseid, but I should still be able to 
transport you. Give me a minute.

[On the UN orbital station, Batman is in conversation with Green Lantern
by a conference table. Liu Kang is handcuffed to a nearby chair.]

BATMAN: Something about him isn't making sense. I could buy that Scorpion
came from Apokalips but this man is different.

GREEN LANTERN: According to you, Flash had the same kind of psychotic

BATMAN: I'm not sure, but we may be witnessing the beginning of another

GREEN LANTERN: I'll leave the detective work to you. I'm going to look for 

[As Lantern flies off, Batman walks over to a large computer.]

BATMAN: Computer, run the blood sample from Liu Kang against the known 
alien blood types we have in the database.

COMPUTER: No matches to blood type.

BATMAN: Hmm...I need to know if we should expect any more--

[An alarm sounds.]

BATMAN: --visitors.

[A lightning bolt flashes in the center of the room, scattering the 
conference table. It continues to storm, lashing out bolts and destroying
various equipment. Batman rushes in and drags Liu Kang away from the 
storm, which finally begins to subside, leaving only a man pulsing with
electricity - Raiden.]

RAIDEN: You will release Liu Kang at once!

[Raiden blasts Batman with a lightning bolt. The only effect it seems to
have is that it knocks Batman off his feet. He rises without impediment.]

BATMAN: Let me're from the same place as Liu Kang and Scorpion.

RAIDEN: How is it possible?

BATMAN: Insulated armour.

RAIDEN: You will release Liu Kang.

BATMAN: First I need answers.

RAIDEN: Release Liu Kang or I will take him from you!

[They fight. While he's no match for the Thunder God, Batman's fighting
ability and his protective armour keeps Raiden at bay. Raiden charges up
another lightning attack, keeping Batman back. He spots Liu Kang waking 
up, and instead of releasing the attack, Raiden holds it at bay while 
slowly circling around. Batman follows his movement in the opposite
direction, but it's only when Raiden reaches Liu Kang does Batman realise
what he's doing. Raiden stops the attack and grasps Liu Kang by the
shoulder, and the two of them teleport away in a flash of lightning. 
Batman is left staring at the now-empty chair, but a booming sound 
attracts his attention. He looks over to Earth, which has large yellow 
rifts of light cracking over it's surface, almost like an earthquake.]

BATMAN: It's worse than I expected. MUCH worse.

[Later in the same scene, Batman is watching a news report on one of the

REPORTER: It seems this is happening across the globe - strange structures
and artifacts appearing. But the question still remains: where is Superman?

BATMAN: That's a good question. Where ARE you, Superman?

[A brief flash to the Fortress of Solitude. A strong snowstorm is 
prevalent over it.]


[The scene opens on the Special Forces Headquarters. Sonya stands next to
the techno-portal and is speaking over the communication station next to

SONYA: Liu Kang, come in. Liu Kang! 

[No response.]

SONYA: Something must have gone wrong.

[Sonya opens another communications channel.]

SONYA: Kitana, this is Sonya Blade, please respond.

KITANA: Kitana here.

SONYA: Something happened to Liu Kang. He may need help. My techno-portals
are unstable and I can't risk ending up in the middle of nowhere. Can you
portal to him?

KITANA: Unfortunately, no. There is a crisis here in Outworld that requires
my full attention. I do not have time to explain.

SONYA: Understood. I'll have to go there myself.

KITANA: I will join you when I can.

SONYA: Sonya out. If the portal was working properly I could get to Liu 
Kang immediately. But the destination is...too erratic. 

[Someone can be heard walking behind Sonya.]

SONYA: I can't risk emerging in the wrong place...or worse, bringing
something here.

CATWOMAN: It's a little late to be worried about that.

SONYA: Who are you?

CATWOMAN: I'm Catwoman, and I really need to be getting back to Gotham 
City, so if you could just maybe--

SONYA: Security breach, portal room! Initiate immediate lockdown!

[Klaxons sound around the room and doors begin closing.]

SONYA: You aren't going anywhere.

CATWOMAN: Not tonight, honey. I have a headache.

[Sonya takes up a fighting stance.]

CATWOMAN: Alright then - no one cages this kitty!

[They fight. Sonya's Special Forces training gives her the advantage in 
the melee and soon Catwoman is down and out cold.]

SONYA: Security'll take care of you - I've got to get to Liu Kang.

[The Wu Shi Academy. Sonya arrives, but no one is around - not even the
Flash or Shang Tsung.]

SONYA: No sign of Liu Kang - or anyone, for that matter. I've got a bad
feeling about this.

[Sonya's communicator beeps. She answers.]

SONYA: Sonya here.

JAX: Sonya, it's Jax. Who's this woman in the brig?

SONYA: She calls herself Catwoman. I'll question her later - she's not a
priority right now. Something's come up.

JAX: What's wrong?

SONYA: I need help locating Liu Kang. Follow my signal and rendevous with 
me as soon as--

[Sonya stops speaking as she spots a large Tarkatan warrior jumping into 
the arena.]

SONYA: Baraka?!

BARAKA: Sonya!

SONYA: Just get here as soon as you can! Sonya out!

BARAKA: Jax won't save you this time!

[Baraka draws his blades and they fight. Although taken by surprise, Sonya
holds her own against the Outworld nomad and manages to defeat him.]

SONYA: I don't know what Baraka's doing in Earthrealm, but it's suspicious.
If a new invasion is coming, Raiden must be informed.

[The scene opens at Raiden's sky temple. Sonya is standing at the front 
door, which is closed to her.]

SONYA: Raiden? Where are you? There may be another invasion of Earthrealm.
Shao Kahn may be returning. Raiden, can you hear me? Raiden?

[A flash of lightning appears in front of Sonya, but the man who emerges is
not Raiden - it's Captain Marvel. He holds his head as if disorientated.]

SONYA: Red...with a lightning bolt on his chest...this must be the warrior
Liu Kang fought. Who are you?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: I am...Captain Marvel.

[His voice is distorted, and his eyes are flashing yellow. He appears to be
trying to fight the rage affecting him.]

SONYA: Captain? Why are you here?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Uhh...confused...don't understand...the rage...THE RAGE!

[He roars and attacks Sonya. They fight, and Marvel's rage gets the better
of him, leaving him open to Sonya's counterattacks. She soon has him on his
knees before her.]

SONYA: Now maybe I can get some answers out of you.

[A green fist flies out of the sky and strikes Sonya from behind. Green
Lantern glides into the fray.]

GREEN LANTERN: Cap, what happened? My ring's not working right but I got
here as soon as I could.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Green Lantern? Beware...the rage...uhh...

[Marvel passes out.]

GREEN LANTERN: The rage? I take it he means you.

[Sonya is walking towards the two of them. The yellow light is prevalent in
her eyes.]

GREEN LANTERN: What'd you do to Cap?

SONYA: The same thing I'm going to do to you!

[They fight. With Lantern's ring not operating at full capacity, he is
overwhelmed by Sonya's fighting skills. After knocking him down, Sonya 
grabs Lantern by the throat and holds him above her head with one hand. She
is about to vaporize him with a point blank energy blast, but at the last
second Captain Marvel grabs her hand and absorbs the shot, and then knocks
Sonya flying with a huge punch. Both men kneel next to each other,

GREEN LANTERN: Thanks for the save. Whoever she is, she was ready to finish
me. You look bad, but whatever's going on is affecting us all. Come on, I'll 
take you to the UN Space Station so Batman and Wonder Woman can have a look 
at you.

[Lantern gets up and supports Marvel with his body. He generates a force
field that surrounds the both of them with his ring and flies them off into
the night sky.]


[The scene opens on Themyscira. Wonder Woman is with several battle-ready
Amazons when she receives a communications call from the UN Space Station.]

BATMAN: Wonder Woman, this is Batman. We need you immediately. I can't 
reach Superman and Earth may be in for another invasion.

WONDER WOMAN: Tell me something I don't know. The invasion has reached

[Before Wonder Woman stands Shang Tsung's island, the division between it
and where the rest of Themyscira should be marked only by a glowing yellow
line of light.]

BATMAN: Do you need help?

WONDER WOMAN: No. I'll contact you when it's over. Wonder Woman out.

[Several Tarkatan warriors, along with Shang Tsung himself, stand at the
bridging light divide between Themyscira and Tsung's island. Wonder Woman
approaches them.]

SHANG TSUNG: Leave this island at once or pay with your lives!

WONDER WOMAN: I am Princess Diana, emissary of Themyscira. You are not
welcome here. Surrender and you will be given safe passage back to your

SHANG TSUNG: Arrogant fool! I am Shang Tsung, and this is my island. FIGHT!

[They fight. Though Shang Tsung is a powerful sorcerer, Wonder Woman's
super-strength and fighting ability is enough to keep him at bay. She 
knocks him down, but Tsung springs up and motions for a flaming skull
attack. Diana instinctively brings her impenetrable bracelets up to protect
her face. Realising his magic won't work, Tsung cancels the attack and
retreats, with the Tarkatan horde following. Wonder Woman prevents her
Amazons from pursuing and radios in to the Justice League.]

WONDER WOMAN: Wonder Woman to Batman. The invaders have retreated into the

BATMAN: I have more bad news. Earth is in the process of merging with
another planet.

WONDER WOMAN: By the gods...

BATMAN: Our world and the alien world occupy the same time and space as
fragments separated only by large--

WONDER WOMAN: --Large yellow energy rifts. I've seen them.

BATMAN: We need Superman, but no one knows where he is.

WONDER WOMAN: I'll search Metropolis.

[Wonder Woman cuts communication as the scene fades out.]

[Metropolis. The effects of the battle between Superman and Darkseid's
forces are still very present among the city's abandoned streets. Wonder
Woman finds her path obstructed by a demolished road.

WONDER WOMAN: Darkseid's invasion ravaged Metropolis, it's not like 
Superman to--

[As Wonder Woman speaks, a portal opens up behind her. A lone woman appears
from the portal and falls to her knees as Diana turns around.]

WONDER WOMAN: Great Hera! Are you alright? Let me help you.

[As the portal closes, the woman - who is in fact Princess Kitana - doesn't
even register Wonder Woman's presence. She seems completely stricken by
whatever she saw on the other side of the portal.]

KITANA: It can't be! We routed his invasion! He was destroyed!

WONDER WOMAN: Who? Darkseid?

KITANA: I saw him...more powerful than ever! Torn his realm asunder! Am I
too late? Has he already brought the apocalypse to this world?

[Kitana looks around at the devastation around her. She still hasn't 
noticed Wonder Woman, who now speaks into her communicator.]

WONDER WOMAN: Wonder Woman to UN Orbital Space Station. I need a med-unit 
at my location. We have another victim of the invasion.

[Diana stops the communication and approaches Kitana.]

WONDER WOMAN: Please come with me, you're safe now. We--

[Wonder Woman tries to gently touch Kitana on the shoulder, but her hand is
slapped away. Kitana now finally registers Diana's presence and quickly
becomes hostile.]

KITANA: I have been followed! Who are you?

WONDER WOMAN: No one will hurt you. My name is Wonder Woman.

[Kitana's eyes suddenly glow yellow with rage and her voice distorts.]

KITANA: I am not so easily fooled, assassin of Outworld. Your master has
sent you to finish me, but this battle will be your last! FIGHT!

[They fight. Forced to defend herself, Wonder Woman manages to subdue 
Kitana and knock her to the ground. As she approaches, Kitana scurries to
her knees and opens a portal.]

WONDER WOMAN: Please wait!

[While the rage has worn off, Kitana is still very much afraid of 
everything around her. With barely a look behind her, she plunges into the
portal, which closes behind her. Wonder Woman then receives another

BATMAN: Wonder Woman, this is Batman. Superman's not in Metropolis. The
Fortress of Solitude has been breached.

WONDER WOMAN: That's impossible!

BATMAN: Superman may be in serious trouble.

WONDER WOMAN: And without him, so is Earth. I'm on my way.

[Wonder Woman cuts of the communication and walks away.]

[The Fortress of Solitude. The snowstorm is still prevalent outside. 
Inside, Wonder Woman finds the Fortress has been breached from the inside.
A large hole has been shattered in a wall and stretches out to part of the
alien world - recognisable as the Lin Kuei's temple. Before Wonder Woman, a
mysterious ninja warrior dressed in blue is on his knees in exhaustion.
Superman is next to him, but he is frozen in a block of ice.]

WONDER WOMAN: What've you done?!

SUB-ZERO: Another one! Quan Chi was right!

[The two warriors begin to circle one another.]

WONDER WOMAN: Who are you?

SUB-ZERO: I am Sub-Zero.

WONDER WOMAN: Surrender and no harm will come to you.

SUB-ZERO: The Lin Kuei do not know the meaning of surrender! FIGHT!

[They fight. Sub-Zero, exhausted from his earlier fight with Superman, is
unable to match Wonder Woman's strength or resistance to his ice attacks.
She soon subdues him, then ties him up with the Lasso of Truth before he 
can recover. Turning her attention to Superman, Diana smashes the ice-block
he is trapped in with one mighty punch. Superman is freed, but he is
severely weakened and drops to one knee. Wonder Woman kneels beside him.]

WONDER WOMAN: Kal, what happened? Are you all right?

SUPERMAN: Something's wrong. My powers have been fluctuating ever since the
battle with Darkseid. I came back to the Fortress to try to discover what
was wrong and Sub-Zero...attacked. What's happening to me? It must have a
basis in magic.

WONDER WOMAN: Luckily I am not susceptible to magic, so he got what he
deserved. Bruce belives he is part of an invasion force. Heroes all over 
the world are disappearing including the Flash. And our planet is merging
with another, possibly Apokolips.

SUPERMAN: Apokalips? Then Darkseid is back? I have to get back to
Metropolis. I'll rendevouz with you back at the UN Space Station.

[Before Wonder Woman can even have a chance to object, Superman has flown 
off. A groan from Sub-Zero attracts her attention and she turns to him.]

WONDER WOMAN: Sub-Zero, who is behind this invasion?

SUB-ZERO: You are the invaders!

[The statement surprises Wonder Woman; because Sub-Zero is bound with the
Lasso of Truth, it is impossible for him to lie to her. A communication
prevents her from furthur interrogation.]

GREEN LANTERN: Wonder Woman! This is Green Lantern! The UN Space Station is
in chaos! Captain Marvel is in a frenzy and none of us can contain him! My
ring's almost out of juice!

WONDER WOMAN: I'll be there as soon as I can.

[Wonder Woman cuts of the communication and picks up Sub-Zero.]

WONDER WOMAN: You'll be coming with me.

[The UN Space Station. Onboard, Captain Marvel is clearly enraged and the
yellow light is prevailing in his eyes. Wonder Woman walks in with Sub-Zero
- now handcuffed - just in time to see Marvel standing over a fallen Green


[Marvel summons a lightning bolt. Milliseconds before impact, Lantern's 
ring teleports him away, but it looks like to Wonder Woman that he is
obliterated by the bolt from the Captain.]

WONDER WOMAN: Hal! What've you done?!

CAPTAIN MARVEL: The rage...will consume us all!

WONDER WOMAN: Not if I can help it!

[They fight. Although powerful, Marvel is weakened from his raging, and
Wonder Woman manages to subdue him and tie him up with the Lasso of Truth.
The Captain seems to be trying to fight the rage, but it has a powerful 
hold on him.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Ugh! The burns inside me!

WONDER WOMAN: I need you to be calm. Tell me what you did to Green Lantern.
Why did you attack him?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Uhhn...I don't know. The ethereal forces are all
unbalanced...shifting! I reach out to the gods and don't recognise what I
see! The have to help me...

[Marvel loses consciousness. Sub-Zero watches all of this with a detached

SUB-ZERO: You should have finished him.

WONDER WOMAN: Your world must be different than ours. Here we don't kill 
our friends.

[Wonder Woman opens a communique.]

WONDER WOMAN: Wonder Woman to Batman. I found Superman but we have a new
problem...we've lost Green Lantern.


[Continuing directly from the events of MK Chapter 2, Jax finds Sonya
recovering from the melee with Green Lantern and Captain Marvel.]

JAX: Sonya, what happened? What're you doing in Raiden's sky temple? When I
lost contact with you I was about to--

SONYA: Back off!

[Her voice is distorted with the rage.]

JAX: Hey, what's wrong?

[The camera switches to Sonya's point of view. Her vision is distorted and
everything is tinged with yellow, and although she initially sees Jax 
before her, that vision is replaced by Kano.]

SONYA: Kano?!

JAX: Kano?

[Jax looks behind him, expecting to see the criminal there.] 

SONYA: I've finally found you...

[Jax turns back and realises Sonya is looking at him, not behind him.]

JAX: What're you talking about?

[From Sonya's point-of-view, although it's Jax's voice she hears, she still
sees Kano and evidently puts more trust on what she sees than what she

SONYA: This time you won't get away! FIGHT!

[They fight. Although taken aback at Sonya attacking him, Jax is able to
keep control of the situation and subdue her. As the melee ends, Raiden
appears in a flash of lightning.]

RAIDEN: Enough! Explain yourselves.

JAX: I dunno what happened. She just attacked me.

[The fight has seemingly quelled the rage inside Sonya. She now speaks 

SONYA: I...I saw you as the enemy. I thought you were a threat. I...can't
explain it. I'm sorry, Jax.

JAX: It's alright. You seem to have snapped out of it.

RAIDEN: She was most likely influenced by the same forces that have 
affected Liu Kang.

[Liu Kang now steps into view.]

SONYA: Liu Kang! What happened to you?

LIU KANG: I was captured by the invaders. Fortunately, Raiden rescued me.

RAIDEN: He was being held aboard that vessel.

[Raiden points to the night sky. The UN Space Station is visible, like a
bright star.]

SONYA: I came here to find you, Raiden. I was attacked by two warriors. 
They retreated to that space station.

RAIDEN: I do not know from where these invaders come or who leads them, but
it is clear that Earthrealm faces a grave new challenge. Our world is
merging with another. I can feel it...

LIU KANG: But Shao Kahn was destroyed! We stopped him from merging
Earthrealm with Outworld!

RAIDEN: The Emperor may still live, and these new warriors may be his

JAX: Then let's do something about it! Sonya, let's get back to the base. 
We can mount a counter-attack from there.

[The Special Forces base. Sonya and Jax are walking through it towards the

JAX: When I got to the Wu Shi Academy, you were already gone. I did find
some guy dressed in red tights though. I had him med-evaced to the
infirmary, then I followed your signal to Raiden's temple. You gotta stop
running off like that, Sonya; we're a team. You can't take on the bad guys

SONYA: I know...I'll work on it.

JAX: Go get yourself patched up. Meantime, I'll prep the portal for a jump
to that space station. We'll take 'em by surprise.

SONYA: Sounds like a plan, but I have to warn you - the portal has been 
less than cooperative lately.

JAX: Nothing I can't handle.

[Sonya walks off, leaving Jax alone at the portal controls. He begins
working at them.]

JAX: She's right. Logs show the portal was having a hard time focusing.
Probably a side-effect of the two universes merging. The ethereal matrix
seems to be more stable now. Just a few adjustments and we should be back 
in business.

[Jax finishes typing at the console.]

JAX: There. That's more like it.

[A figure dressed in an advanced armoured suit approaches Jax from behind.]

LEX LUTHOR: Impressive.

JAX: What the hell--

[Lex extends a hand in introduction.]

LEX LUTHOR: Allow me to introduce myself - Lex Luthor. Perhaps you've heard
of me, or a little company I run called LexCorp.

JAX: This area requires top clearance, and I don't remember inviting you to
the party.

[Lex walks past Jax and towards the techno-portal in admiration.]

LEX LUTHOR: My technicians at LexCorp picked up a massive signal enminating
from this space, indicating highly advanced technology. I'm the hands-on
managerial type, so I came to see for myself. And I must say I am 
impressed. A teleportation device...maybe you and I should do business.

JAX: It's a portal...and as for doing business... 

[The rage begins to effect Jax.]

JAX: ...Maybe it's time I gave you a demonstration of MY impressive

[The rage also appears in Luthor's eyes.]

LEX LUTHOR: I'd prefer a handshake, but if you insist...

[They fight. Jax's mechanical arms and his pound and ground fighting style
manages to overwhelm Luthor's battle suit and the megalomaniac is soon
knocked unconscious. The rage stops quickly, just as Sonya comes rushing
into the fray.]

SONYA: What happened?

JAX: They found our base. Somehow he breached our defenses.

SONYA: Who's he?

JAX: Called himself Lex Luthor. He runs some company. Acts like he's gonna
take over the world.

SONYA: Looks like you put a stop to that.

JAX: Only one way to be sure - let's take out that space station.

[The UN Space Station. Jax teleports out of the techno-portal but finds
Sonya isn't with him. He opens up communications on his forearm.]

JAX: Sonya. Sonya, do you copy?

SONYA: We've apparently been sent to different locations on the station. I
think the portal still needs some work.

JAX: We'll need to regroup. Stay where you are. I'll try to--

[Something off-screen catches Jax's attention.]

JAX: Hold on. Someone's coming.
[Jax takes cover behind some boxes and observes a space station guard
escorting Captain Marvel.]

GUARD: We've set up a temporary holding facility as requested, Wonder 
Woman. It should hold Captain Marvel until he's recovered.

WONDER WOMAN: My thanks. If this Earth merge continues everyone's powers 
may be affected. I'll be joining you shortly with our newest guest.

[Jax pumps himself up and runs out from his cover.]

GUARD: Affirmative. Are there any special security measures that--

[The guard turns round just in time to see Jax clock him in the face with a
gigantic haymaker. The heavily-armoured guard is hurled across the room 
from the impact and instantly knocked unconscious. Jax throws a left-cross
at Marvel, but it only causes him to flinch. The rage soon shows in
Captain's eyes and he grows menacingly.]

JAX: Well now, this just got a whole lot more interesting.

[They fight. Through the sheer strength of his technology and weapons, Jax
overwhelms Captain Marvel and beats him unconscious. He then radios in to

JAX: Sonya. Area's secure. What's your situation?

SONYA: I'm fine. We need to locate the main command centre to cripple this
station's capabilities.

JAX: Right. Stay where you are. I'll follow your signal and come to you.

WONDER WOMAN: You're not going anywhere.

[Jax turns around at the voice and instinctively fires his uzi. Wonder 
Woman deflects all the bullets he shoots with her bracelets. The handcuffed
Sub-Zero approaches behind her.]

JAX: Sub-Zero?!

WONDER WOMAN: I take it you two know each other.

SUB-ZERO: He is Jax - a formidable warrior, as you will soon discover.

[The ninja steps aside, noticing Wonder Woman's a bit pissed off at being
shot at. The rage appearing in her eyes adds to that.]

WONDER WOMAN: Well "warrior", I don't know what your universe is doing to
mine, or what you're doing to this station, but true warriors don't use

[Jax throws aside the uzi.]

WONDER WOMAN: And if it's a fight you want, you'll soon be joining your
friend in a cell!

[They fight. Even without his gun, Jax is more than a match for Wonder
Woman. He eventually knocks her unconscious next to Captain Marvel and
radios in.]

JAX: Sonya, you'll never guess who I bumped into - Sub-Zero.

SONYA: What's he doing up here?

SUB-ZERO: Obviously I am a captive. It would appear that we are now allies.

JAX: Appearences can be deceiving.

SUB-ZERO: True, but you would be a fool to refuse my help.

JAX: What do you think, Sonya? Should we trust him?

SONYA: Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

JAX: Alright then, Sub-Zero...

[Jax shatters Sub-Zero's handcuffs with one downward smash.]

JAX: ...Tell us what you know.

SUB-ZERO: Only that these warriors are unlike anything I've encountered. I
don't know yet who commands them.

JAX: Any ideas?

SUB-ZERO: The most logical assumption would be that Shao Kahn has returned
to finish what he started - with this new army. Now I need to find someone
- a sorcerer who may have answers.

JAX: Sorcerer? I don't like the sound of that.

SUB-ZERO: Like it or not, we need him. when there is threat of invasion, he
usually knows something about it.


[Following the events of DC Chapter 3, Green Lantern finds himself
teleported to the Green Lantern Corps Headquarters.]


[He stands up and takes in his surroundings.]

GREEN LANTERN: The ring brought me to the homeworld of the Guardians of the
Universe...but why?

[Before him, one of the Guardians begins speaking.]

GUARDIAN: Two universes are colliding. Your fellow Lanterns are elsewhere
doing what they can to combat the crisis.

GREEN LANTERN: That would explain Captain Marvel's attack - whatever's
happening on Earth must be affecting him more directly than the rest of us.

[Behind Lantern, the techno-portal opens up. Lex Luthor and Catwoman step
out of it and it closes behind them.]

GREEN LANTERN: I have to get back to Earth.


GREEN LANTERN: Lex Luthor and Catwoman? How?

CATWOMAN: Lex and I were held captive in the invaders underground base.
Their security was more pathetic than the Gotham City museum.

LEX LUTHOR: We escaped using their portal technology. I calibrated it to
transport us to Metropolis but there was obviously a malfunction. We ended
up here.

GREEN LANTERN: Now I know I need to get back to Earth. If he's involved,
things can't be good.

LEX LUTHOR: Typical...

[Lex turns to the Guardians while he continues talking.]

LEX LUTHOR: You're no better than Superman. The universe is falling apart
and the so-called heroes focus on the little picture. All that power in his
ring...have you ever noticed how he uses it?

[The rage begins to take over Lex as he speaks.]

LEX LUTHOR: Big hammers, trains and idiotic animals...

[His eyes now glow yellow.]

CATWOMAN: What's the matter with you, Lex?

GREEN LANTERN: His eyes...just like Captain Marvel.

LEX LUTHOR: You lack imagination, Green Lantern! You always have! Someone
like me should have that ring!

GREEN LANTERN: Over my dead body, Lex!

LEX LUTHOR: Just the way I like it!

[They fight. Although his ring is underpowered, Lantern manages to keep
Luthor at bay through his fighting skill. He eventually knocks Luthor down
and the rage wears off. While Lex picks himself up, the Guardians

GUARDIAN: This is a foolish waste of valuable time. The merging of worlds 
is contaminating the galaxy, infecting your very substance with rage. For
the moment we can control it here on Oa, but if unchecked, it will spread
across the universes.

GREEN LANTERN: Then we'll stop it. 

GUARDIAN 2: If it continues to progress at this rate, energies throughout
will be redistributed and corrupted.

GUARDIAN 3: No Lantern's ring will be unaffected or remain intact.

GUARDIAN: Nor will any other being in the galaxy escape. Neither universe
will survive.

LEX LUTHOR: Why is this happening?

GUARDIAN 2: We are uncertain of the cause, but we believe this anomaly
originated on Earth, at the moment of Darkseid's defeat.

GREEN LANTERN: Do you know anything about that, Lex?

GUARDIAN: It is highly unlikely that Lex Luthor is capable of influencing
devastation on such a cosmic scale.

[Lex seems to be somewhat insulted by this.]

GUARDIAN 2: You on Earth must work together to locate the source of
disruption and destroy it before the merge is complete.

GREEN LANTERN: Looks like we have no choice.

CATWOMAN: Don't worry handsome, we won't bite...much.

GUARDIAN: Earth sector 2-8-1-4 is under your protection.

[A lantern power battery appears, suspended in mid-air.]

GUARDIAN: We cannot spare any of the Lantern Corps to help. Charge your 
ring and return quickly. There is not much time.

[Lantern steps forward to the battery and recharges his ring, which now
glows with energy.]

GREEN LANTERN: That's more like it.

LEX LUTHOR: So what's it going to be, hero? Do we work together or do I 
have to save the world in spite of you?

GREEN LANTERN: Remember...I don't trust you, Luthor.

LEX LUTHOR: The feeling is mutual.

[Lantern creates an energy shield around himself, Luthor and Catwoman. They
are all transported off Oa.]

[Back in Metropolis, Lantern deactivates the shield outside the smouldering
remains of LexCorp. His communicator beeps.]

GREEN LANTERN: That's the UN communicator. I have to leave you here. If I
were you, Catwoman, I wouldn't turn my back on him.

CATWOMAN: I can take care of myself.

[Lantern flies off into the sky.]

LEX LUTHOR: Idiot...

[Lex looks over his destroyed company building.]

LEX LUTHOR: Home sweet home...or at least it used to be before Darkseid got
to it.

CATWOMAN: You brought it on yourself, Lex. From what I hear you helped

LEX LUTHOR: I never take sides - I chose the lesser of two evils. The worst
Superman would do is hand me over to the authorities - Darkseid on the 
other hand would destroy everything. It wasn't much of a choice.

CATWOMAN: Seems like we don't have one now either. So what's the plan?

LEX LUTHOR: Simple...we find a way to turn this situation to our advantage.

[Back at the UN Space Station, Green Lantern radios in.]

GREEN LANTERN: Wonder Woman, this is Green Lantern. What's going on? 

[He is confronted by a rage-infected Jax.]

JAX: I'll tell you what's going on, Green Lantern.

GREEN LANTERN: Who are you?

JAX: Name's Jax, and now that the introductions are out of the way, we're
shutting you down!

[They fight. With his ring charged up, Green Lantern is more than a match
for Jax's cybernetics and soon has his opponent unconscious on the floor.
Another person comes rushing into the fray.]



SONYA: Sonya Blade to Special Forces - Jax is down.

[The rage appears in Lantern's eyes.]

GREEN LANTERN: Don't try it lady - things have changed since the last time
we faced off.

SPECIAL FORCES: Message received, sending reinforcements.

[The rage spreads to Sonya.]

SONYA: Negative, negative - I can handle it myself.

GREEN LANTERN: Not this time!

[They fight. True to his word, Lantern is too much for Sonya to handle this
time and she is soon out on the floor next to Jax. As Lantern ponders what
to do next, he hears a familar voice.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Green Lantern! Am I glad to see you!

[Although Marvel doesn't sound like he's infected with the rage anymore,
Lantern points his ring at him anyways.]

GREEN LANTERN: Hey Cap. How ya feeling?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: I won't attack you, Green Lantern. I think I finally have
the rage under control. It's all coming from this other universe trying to
merge with ours. It's energy creates this terrible fury - you just wanna 
hit something!

GREEN LANTERN: That's what the Guardians said. How did you figure it out?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Their alien gods are creating interference with my powers
and infecting me with their combat rage.

GREEN LANTERN: Great; out-of-control magical-alien-god powers. So that 
would make you a danger to us and yourself.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: None of us is safe from the rage until this is stopped. I
have to go back to the Rock of Eternity to get closer to the gods and see
how we can defeat this combat rage. There has to be a way.

GREEN LANTERN: Good luck, Cap.


[The scene opens at Raiden's temple. Sub-Zero is taking the ninja's way in;
climbing all the way up the mountain. He reaches the top and cautiously
steps across the courtyard. Raiden soon appears in front of him in a flash
of lightning.]

RAIDEN: The Lin-Kuei are not welcome here.

[Sub-Zero crosses himself and bows before Raiden.]

SUB-ZERO: Raiden, I come seeking assistance.

RAIDEN: Assistance? For what end? Your kind has challenged me before.

SUB-ZERO: I am not my brother.

RAIDEN: But you are still Lin-Kuei! FIGHT!

[They fight. Although taken aback, Sub-Zero holds his own with his freezing
powers and knocks the Thunder God down. Raiden struggles to his feet.]

RAIDEN: Truly you are more powerful than your sibling, but the corruption 
of the Lin-Kuei remains within you. And for that reason I--

SUB-ZERO: The Lin-Kuei also have reason to be concerned about this new

RAIDEN: Indeed. The Lin-Kuei act solely in their own self-interest,
regardless of the impact on Earthrealm. Why then should I give you the
location of Quan Chi?

[Although slightly jarred by Raiden knowing why Sub-Zero came to him 
without hearing it for himself, the ninja answers.]

SUB-ZERO: For the same reason you helped my brother - to protect 

[Raiden considers this and looks out to the view past his tower, toward a
rock formation out of place with the dark mountains surrounding it.]

RAIDEN: That rock formation in the was not here before the
invaders came. But through it I have gained insight.

[Raiden takes a hold of Sub-Zero and teleports them both to the rock
formation. It is in fact the Rock of Eternity. Raiden places his hand on 
the Rock, which glows the same blue hue of his lightning bolts.]

RAIDEN: Earthrealm is merging with another world. Powers are shifting,
rebalancing. I have felt the effects in Shao Kahn's defeat and they have
grown ever stronger.

SUB-ZERO: Quan Chi foresaw the intrusion from the other world, and that
their champion would pose a dire threat.

RAIDEN: And the Lin-Kuei sent you to eliminate this champion.

SUB-ZERO: Yes. Much like this rock formation, the warrior's fortress
appeared near the Lin-Kuei temple. I wore him down and sealed him in ice.

RAIDEN: You did not wear him down. His power was siphoned away,
redistributed to others.

SUB-ZERO: I must find Quan Chi to demand he reveal all that he knows.

RAIDEN: Very well, Sub-Zero - I will show you the way. Search for Scorpion
and you will find Quan Chi. But be forewarned; betray my trust at your own

[Sub-Zero nods in response and leaves.]

[Gotham City. Sub-Zero kneels down in a road - the same place where Batman
fought Joker and Liu Kang earlier - and feels the concrete before him.]

SUB-ZERO: Scorpion was here - I can sense the nether. But he must have
vanished from this spot.

[Another ninja approaches Sub-Zero from behind.]

DEATHSTROKE: Well, isn't this interesting - a masked man in Gotham. And 
from the look of you, I'd say you're no hero.

SUB-ZERO: You do not look so innocent yourself.

DEATHSTROKE: Name's Deathstroke.

SUB-ZERO: Sub-Zero.

DEATHSTROKE: So, who're you hunting? Or are you just looking for a fight?

SUB-ZERO: It is none of your concern.

DEATHSTROKE: Fair enough, but I've been around this world and I've never
heard of a "Sub-Zero".

SUB-ZERO: I'm not from your world.

DEATHSTROKE: Then you're in enemy territory.

SUB-ZERO: And I assume you are the enemy?


[They fight. Although the battle is intense, Sub-Zero's freezing powers 
give him the edge over Deathstroke, and soon the villian is KO'ed for the
count. With the distraction out of the way, Sub-Zero returns to examining
the roads around him.]

SUB-ZERO: Scorpion's trail is weak, but I can still track it. This way...

[Sub-Zero walks off and eventually finds himself in the Batcave.]

SUB-ZERO: This is where Scorpion first entered the mortal realm. What was
he doing here? what is this place?

[The cave's owner takes this time to show up and answer Sub-Zero's

BATMAN: It's the Batcave.

[Without furthur ado, Batman throws a punch at the ninja. Sub-Zero catches
his fist and freezes it up to the elbow. Batman drops to one knee in shock.
Sub-Zero decides that's enough to subdue him and begins to walk off, but
Batman shatters the ice by punching his arm into the ground and chucks a
Batarang that clips Sub-Zero in the back. He falls down and rolls back into
a fighting stance. The rage soon becomes clear in Batman's eyes.]

BATMAN: Your world is invading mine, affecting everything and everyone in
it. Don't think you'll take me so easily!

SUB-ZERO: Then I will do it the hard way!

[They fight. After another intense battle, Sub-Zero just about manages to
beat the Caped Crusader at his own game, and leaves him on the ground
unconscious. A portal then opens up behind Sub-Zero. He turns to face it 
and receives Scorpion's trademark spear in his chest.]

Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!

[Sub-Zero is dragged into the portal. He emerges in the Netherrealm on his

QUAN CHI: Welcome, the Netherrealm.

[Sub-Zero looks up and jumps to his feet. Quan Chi is standing before him,
chained to two towers in front of a gigantic skull filled with fire.]

SUB-ZERO: Quan Chi! There were rumours that the Elder Gods had punished 
you. I see the rumours were true.

QUAN CHI: I won't be bound here for long. I believe you know my enforcer...

[Scorpion walks into view and in front of Quan Chi.]

QUAN CHI: You share a violent history from what I understand.

SCORPION: You will pay for the murder of my family and clan!

SUB-ZERO: That was not me.

QUAN CHI: Who else could it be? Scorpion, finish him!

[Scorpion takes up a fighting stance.]


[They fight. The battle is truly epic, but it is clear neither ninja has 
the advantage over the other. The fight comes to an abrupt end however, 
when the skull unexpectedly shoots fire out of it's eyes. The ground 
beneath the two of them begins to quake and rupture, coming to a halt near
Quan Chi. He is surrounded by yellow energy briefly and the towers and 
bonds that chain him down suddenly explode in a flash of hellfire. Quan Chi
rises to the surprise of both ninjas - now free.]

QUAN CHI: Muahahahahaha! The Elder Gods underestimate me.

SUB-ZERO: You're free!

QUAN CHI: The realms have become unstable. Our world is colliding with
another, the merging fueled by kombat. The intense battle between such
bitter enemies caused a rift powerful enough to shatter my bonds.

SUB-ZERO: You used us!

[Quan Chi creates a portal behind Sub-Zero.]

QUAN CHI: I'm a sorcerer. The world as we know it is in peril. None will
survive regardless of alligence. Return to your Thunder God. Tell him if he
wishes to save his precious Earthrealm he will have to ally himself with

[Quan Chi telekinetically shoves Sub-Zero through the portal and closes it
before addressing Scorpion.]

QUAN CHI: Search their cities. Find the Princess. She has seen our enemy.


[Gotham City. Scorpion teleports into a lone street in a flash of hellfire.
He looks around, not finding anything. A voice sounds out behind him.]

THE JOKER: Great gag!

[Scorpion turns to face the Clown Prince of Crime.]

SCORPION: The Princess...where is she?

THE JOKER: Princess? Didn't I kill the last guy who called me that? He
should have known I'M the only Joker around here!

[Scorpion gives Joker a blank look before walking off. Seemingly annoyed at
being ignored, Joker pulls his extendable boxing glove out of his pocket 
and uses it to punch Scorpion in the back of his head.]

THE JOKER (sarcastically): Oops! Where did that come from?

SCORPION: You will pay for that with your life!

[They fight. Scorpion has no trouble at all beating the crap out of Joker.
The ninja soon knocks him down, and then decides Joker's not worth the 
three seconds it would take to flame-broil him and teleports away while the
clown is sitting up in a daze. Joker spots someone walking over to him and
recoils in fright.]

LEX LUTHOR: Hello, Joker. Looks like you could use some help. I already 
have a few recruits. How'd you like to join us?

THE JOKER: Hehehehahahahahaaa!

[Themyscira. Wonder Woman is speaking with another Amazon at the place 
where the island is merging with Shang Tsung's island.]

AMAZON: Diana, you have returned.

WONDER WOMAN: Not for long. Batman has requested my presence. Earth is 
being split just as Themyscira has by forces we don't yet understand. I've
returned to ready the Amazons for war. 

[Scorpion teleports right next to the rift divide. The Amazon with Diana
flees the scene.]

WONDER WOMAN: Great Hera! Who are you? What business do you have on

SCORPION: I am Scorpion. I seek the Princess.

WONDER WOMAN: I am Princess of Earth. You may speak to me, Scorpion. Batman
told me of your battle.

SCORPION: You are not the Princess I seek.

[Scorpion turns to leave.]

WONDER WOMAN: You may not roam this island at will! Even though you are an
invader, I promise you if you come with me you will not be harmed.

[Scorpion throws his spear at her in response. Wonder Woman deflects it off
her bracelet.]

SCORPION: You cannot harm me, but I will show you the meaning of pain!

[They fight. Wonder Woman is taken aback by Scorpion's rage and subsequently 
is unprepared for his furious assault. She is soon knocked unconscious.]

SCORPION: Hmmph. The Princess is not here.

[He teleports away to one of Metropolis' wrecked streets. As he looks
around, Superman glides down behind him.]

SCORPION: She is near...

SUPERMAN: You need some help, stranger?

SCORPION: The Princess...if you know where she is, you will deliver her to

[Superman's eyes glow blue. He briefly cross-examines Scorpion with his 
X-ray vision.]

SUPERMAN: You're not from this universe. All the same I'd encourage you to
get to safety. For your own wellbeing you'd better come with me.

[Scorpion responds by kicking Superman in the chest. The blow is enhanced 
by hellfire, and Superman is hurtled backward into a wrecked car. The blow
has managed to hurt him and the lingering fire on his chest clues him in to
the reason why it did.]


SCORPION: Sorcery. Surrender the Princess or DIE!

[They fight. While both beings are powerful, Scorpion has the advantage
thanks to exploiting the Man of Steel's weakness to magic. He knocks
Superman down, and as he struggles to his feet, Scorpion superkicks him 
into the distance. Behind him, Kitana walks into the middle of the road,
clearly infected with rage.

KITANA: Scorpion!

SCORPION: Kitana, you will come with me.

KITANA: I should have known Dark Kahn would send another assassin!

SCORPION: Dark Kahn?

KITANA: I have seen your master, witnessed the destruction. I will not let
him take Earthrealm as well!

[They fight. Though Kitana is fueled with rage, Scorpion manages to counter
her attacks and floor her for a moment. As Kitana starts to rise, he
teleports behind her and manages to restrain her.]

SCORPION: Quan Chi! I have found her!

[Quan Chi comes through a portal that instantly materialises next to them,
bringing with him Shang Tsung and Baraka.]

QUAN CHI: Well done, Scorpion, but she has got too close to the enemy. Rage
has all but consumed her.

[Quan Chi blasts Kitana with mythical green energy, and she falls limp in
Scorpion's grip. He releases her and she stands like a muted zombie.]

QUAN CHI: I can control her - for now.

SHANG TSUNG: What will you do with her?

BARAKA: Kill her!

QUAN CHI: She may have lost her mind, but she still has her uses. I will 
not leave her to you yet, Baraka.

[Quan Chi looks up and notices Captain Marvel flying through Metropolis. 
He turns to Shang Tsung.]

QUAN CHI: One of the enemy is near. Draw him to the Netherrealm where he
will be weak. Kill him.

[Quan Chi opens a portal.]

QUAN CHI: when you have finished with your prey, meet me at Raiden's sky
temple. The time has come for old rivalries to be put aside.

[Quan Chi motions to Kitana and walks through the portal. Kitana obediently
follows him.]

[At Raiden's sky temple, Raiden is with Liu Kang and in the middle of a
fierce discussion with Sub-Zero.]

RAIDEN: Then you helped him escape?

SUB-ZERO: It was not intentional, I swear to you!

RAIDEN: You have betrayed my trust, Sub-Zero.

[Quan Chi teleports in with Kitana.]

QUAN CHI: He did you a service.

LIU KANG: Kitana!

RAIDEN: You dare to come here, sorcerer?

QUAN CHI: Not to fight, I assure you. 

RAIDEN: Then for what purpose?

QUAN CHI: By now, I am sure you're aware of the merging. It's effects are
far reaching; even the Netherrealm is vulnerable.

RAIDEN: I care not for the wasteland you call home.

[Liu Kang has realised Kitana is non-responsive.]

LIU KANG: Kitana?

QUAN CHI: You believe that you're in control? That your allies are enough 
to stave off the coming destruction? Think again, Thunder God.

[Quan Chi removes the zombie-spell magic from Kitana. She screams with

LIU KANG: Kitana!

KITANA: I will destroy you all!

[Liu Kang, Sub-Zero and Raiden all jump into fighting stances.]

RAIDEN: This is your doing, sorcerer!

QUAN CHI: It is no spell of mine. She is a harbinger of things to come. It
will only get worse.

[Kitana yells out again and attacks. Quan Chi blasts her with another 
spell. Scorpion, Shang Tsung and Baraka turn up just in time to watch the
light show.]

SHANG TSUNG: What is this?

[Quan Chi finally finishes his spell. Kitana falls to the ground, and Quan
Chi falls to his knees in exhaustion.]

QUAN CHI: I have used the last of my power to purge her of the rage. I am 
at your mercy, Raiden.

RAIDEN: Why would you do this?

QUAN CHI: To win your trust.

[Raiden doesn't appear to like it, but he does seem to concede that Quan
Chi's help is needed.]

RAIDEN: What is it that we face?

QUAN CHI: Perhaps she can show you.

[Kitana has gotten back to her feet, cleansed of the rage that previously
afflicted her.]

KITANA: At first I thought it was the Emperor, but it is someone much more

[She produces a magical image of a rocky-skinned warrior. His body shape is
unfamiliar, but his face is the unmistakable death mask of Shao Kahn.]

KITANA: ...Dark Kahn.

QUAN CHI: The portal Raiden disrupted did not destroy the Emperor - it
created a monster. Dark Kahn's energy is slowly grinding the two universes
together, agitating us until we become enraged and fight. Kombat releases
the rage, hastening the merging.

LIU KANG: Then Dark Kahn must be stopped.

QUAN CHI: Not yet. We must first eliminate his forces, but to do so will
require the unthinkable.

KITANA: Bitter rivals must fight as one to focus the rage against our

RAIDEN: So it shall be; we will seek out Dark Kahn's forces, hunt them down
in pairs. Liu Kang, you must fight alongside Shang Tsung.

[Kang looks shocked at Raiden's words.]

LIU KANG: I as you ask, Raiden.

SHANG TSUNG: This could prove interesting...


[The scene opens on the Rock of Eternity. Captain Marvel is standing in
front of the gigantic stone structure.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Wizard! Wizard, I need your help!

[The rage suddenly strikes Marvel, who falls to his knees in pain. Just
then, Raiden teleports behind him in a flash of lightning.]

RAIDEN: There are no wizards or sorcerers here.

[Marvel is trying to fight the rage as he speaks.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL: This place is not for you! Listen to me: your presence here
places my world in great danger! 

RAIDEN: It is you who does not belong. I am Raiden, God of Thunder. 

[As thunder echoes around the valley, Raiden goes over to the Rock of
Eternity and inspects it.]

RAIDEN: Ethereal power courses through this place. Yet, it is unfamiliar.
Tell me, for what purpose does this place exist?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: This is a focal point between the realm of the gods and 
men. The gods give me their powers.

RAIDEN: Which gods?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Please...I'm losing control! You're corrupting this place!
You have to leave...I will make you leave...NOW!!!

[They fight. With the rage taken him completely over, Captain Marvel
overpowers Raiden and defeats him. Lifting up his unconscious form, Marvel
strikes Raiden with a right hook that sends him sailing into the distance.
Over the horizon, Raiden teleports away and Marvel falls to his knees. The
rage has left him.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL: He's gone...the disturbance is clearing...but for how long?
Their gods will be drawn here. I have to--

SHAZAM: --Stop them, Billy Batson.

[Marvel turns around. The face of the wizard Shazam appears before him in a
white cloud.]


SHAZAM: This is only the beginning. You must stop Dark Kahn.

[Another vision appears in front of Captain Marvel, showing a large, rock-
skinned warrior with a chest that glows the same yellow as the rage. His
body structure resembles Darkseid, but his face is an unfamiliar death

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Is that...Darkseid?

SHAZAM: Darkseid's essence has been fused with evil magic from the other
realm. This new being - Dark Kahn - is the focal point where both universes
freely intermingle. His existence will turn this world into a nexus of evil.

[The vision of Dark Kahn dissipates.]

SHAZAM: If the connection between the universes is not severed and Darkseid
freed, the rage will reach out and devour us all. You must gather an army 
of both dark and light and find a champion who has defeated Darkseid in the

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Then we must find Superman!

[Metropolis. Captain Marvel is walking the war-torn streets of the epic

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Superman doesn't respond to my hails. Wonder Woman says his
powers have been affected as badly as mine by this alien world, if not
worse. But he's the champion Earth needs--

[A portal suddenly opens behind Captain Marvel.]

SHANG TSUNG: --And now you will suffer the same fate!

[Marvel turns around and catches Scorpion's spear in the chest.]


[Marvel is dragged into the portal. It emerges in the Netherrealm.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL: This place...such evil!

SHANG TSUNG: Flattery will get you nowhere.

[Before Captain Marvel stands three warriors; Shang Tsung, Baraka and

SHANG TSUNG: This pathetic creature reeks of the gods. I want whatever 
power he possesses.

SCORPION: We are your death.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Even with your world poisoning mine, I think you'll find
Captain Marvel isn't easy to kill.


[They fight. Though the battle is fierce, Captain Marvel's superpowers
manage to overcome the ninja spectre and Scorpion is knocked out for the

SHANG TSUNG: Captain Marvel wins! Now FINISH HIM!

CAPTAIN MARVEL: No! I won't kill!

SHANG TSUNG: You disappoint me. Still, your mastery over the supernatural
is exceptional. 

CAPTAIN MARVEL: I won't let this insanity destroy my world. I defeated
your champion, now return me to Metropolis!

SHANG TSUNG: Your challenge is not over. Let us see how you fare against
the savage fury of Baraka's blades!

[Baraka withdraws his blades and they fight. After another round of brutal
fighting, Captain Marvel still manages to prevail and beats Baraka

SHANG TSUNG: would have fared well in my tournament. But
I'm afraid you could never have been champion of Mortal Kombat - in the 
end, you would have faced Shang Tsung!

[They fight. Not even Shang Tsung's magic powers can defeat the might of
Captain Marvel, and the sorcerer is eventually knocked down. Marvel picks
him up by his shirt and holds him above his head.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL: I've had enough of your games, Shang Tsung! I've beaten you
and your demons! Now before the combat rage overtakes me again, send me

SHANG TSUNG: As you wish...

[Marvel releases him. Tsung summons a portal to Metropolis and Captain
Marvel disappears through it. Baraka and Scorpion have now recovered from
their thrashing as well, and they now face Shang Tsung.]

SCORPION: Quan Chi said the Netherrealm would drain him, but even here we
could not defeat him. 

BARAKA: How can we defeat a foe such as this?

SHANG TSUNG: We must return to Quan Chi. He may have the answer.

[Back in Metropolis, Marvel appears from the portal, which disappears 
behind him. He falls to his knees as several figures approach him.]

LEX LUTHOR: Excellent work, Captain Marvel.

[Marvel looks up. Along with Lex stand Catwoman, Deathstroke and the 

LEX LUTHOR: Finally one of the heroes is doing something about these
invaders. Did you win?

[Marvel gets up.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL: What're you and your criminal buddies doing, Luthor?

LEX LUTHOR: Unlike the rest of the long underwear crowd, I'm trying to save
the planet. 

THE JOKER: Can we kill him now?

[Superman flies onto the scene.]

SUPERMAN: Don't even think about it, Joker.

CATWOMAN: Superman...

SUPERMAN: You're supposed to be in jail, Luthor.

LEX LUTHOR: The evidence didn't hold up - you should be used to it by now.
Nice try though.

CATWOMAN: Easy boys - let's keep our eye on the prize. 

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Catwoman's right; I know what we're up against. Our enemy 
is called Dark Kahn.

THE JOKER (imitating Captain Kirk): KAAAAAAAAAAHN!!

[His scream echoes across Metropolis.]

DEATHSTROKE: Shut up or I'll gut you.

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Darkseid's energy merged with energy from the other
universe. Dark Kahn's mere existence is what's causing the two universes
to collide.

SUPERMAN: That explains the attacks on me and the rest of you. The strange
fluctuations of our powers.

LEX LUTHOR: It was you...

[Luthor begins to become affected with the rage.]

LEX LUTHOR: Your blasted Darkseid's boom tube and sent him
hurtling into some unknown universe! This is all your fault!

[The rage quickly spreads to Superman.]

SUPERMAN: You accuse me? You helped Darkseid invade the Earth, remember?

THE JOKER: Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Both of you calm down! You're being poisoned by the combat

[The mere mention of "combat rage" seems to calm - or alarm - both of them
out of their anger.]

LEX LUTHOR: Poisoned by...what?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: The dark energies from the world merge. We can't fight among
ourselves. We need to work together to find Dark Kahn.

CATWOMAN: I have lives to spare. How do we find this "Dark Kahn"?

SUPERMAN: If Dark Kahn is made of Darkseid's energy, there's a good chance
he's on Apokalips.

LEX LUTHOR: I know where we can access one of Dark Kahn's portals. I used it
when Catwoman and I escaped. If their portal can take us to Oa, it can take
us to Apokalips. Deathstroke, you and Joker secure that portal. This device
will lead you to the base.

[Luthor hands Deathstroke a handheld device of sorts.]

LEX LUTHOR: Report back to me when you've succeeded.

DEATHSTROKE: You want me to assault an enemy base with him?!

THE JOKER: Cummon! We'll kill things, blow things up! Oh, it'll be fun!

LEX LUTHOR: Catwoman, you're with me. Can't be too safe in this town - too
many criminals. Superman and Captain Marvel, you gather your hero allies and
wait for my word.

SUPERMAN: Alright Lex, I'll trust you - for now. You get to the portals.
I'll go to the Fortress of Solitude and pull up everything I know about
Darkseid. NO killing. If one of you steps out of line, believe me, I'll


[The scene fades in to the graveyard in the MK Universe seem earlier in the
story. The Joker and Deathstroke are walking through it.]

DEATHSTROKE: This is the location, but there's no base...

THE JOKER: And here I was looking so forward to murdering someone!

[Deathstroke looks around, ignoring him.]

THE JOKER: You don't like me much, do you?

DEATHSTROKE: Does anyone?

SONYA: Over there!

[Deathstroke and Joker turn around to see Sonya and Kano standing at the
graveyard's entrance.]

SONYA: They must be the source of the transmission.

KANO: Then let's get down to business, sweetie.

DEATHSTROKE: Alright Joker, here's your chance to kill something...if you

[Joker frowns at Deathstroke before walking toward the approaching Sonya 
and Kano. He removes a flower from his shirt pocket and motions toward Sonya
with it.]

THE JOKER: Pretty flower for the pretty lady?

SONYA: Get the hell away from me, you--

[Joker squirts the flower, which is filled with acid. Sonya gets her arm 
up just in time and instead of melting her face, the acid fries the device
on her forearm. Kano grabs Joker by the neck and lifts him up as Sonya
inspects the damage.]

SONYA: My wrist portal!

THE JOKER: Hmmm...I was going for the eyes.

[A swirling blue hue surrounds the four warriors and transports them to Oa.
The Guardians of the Universe are not present for some reason.]

THE JOKER: Thanks for bringing us to your headquarters. We're interested in
some technology.

[Kano lets him drop to the floor.]

KANO: Is this some kind of trick?

SONYA: He damaged the teleporter. I have no idea where we are. We'll figure
it out later. You take the ninja, I'll take the clown.

THE JOKER: What can I say? The ladies dig me.

[Sonya punches Joker in the face, knocking him down.]

THE JOKER: don't hit like a girl...

[He gets back up.]

THE JOKER: Can't we talk about this?!

[They fight. During the melee, Joker finds himself fighting with renowed
skill and with magical powers he never possessed before. These newfound
discoveries give him the advantage over Sonya and he knocks her

THE JOKER: I beat her? I won? I WON! I mean, of course I won!

[Deathstroke and Kano are still fighting in the background. They pause
briefly to take in what Joker's saying.]

DEATHSTROKE: Since when can you fight?!

KANO: She's easy - it's ME you gotta worry about!

[They continue fighting, and Deathstroke lands a couple of hits while
blocking Kano's counterattacks.]

DEATHSTROKE: I never worry.

[Joker examines his fingers in boredom. Deathstroke blocks a few more of
Kano's strikes and grabs his hands.]

DEATHSTROKE: You're good, but you lack discipline.

[Kano kicks him away.]

THE JOKER: Allow me to discipline him.

[Joker shoves Deathstroke down with ease.]

DEATHSTROKE: Joker, what the hell--

THE JOKER: Step aside, Deathjoke...

[The rage begins to affect Joker, and he rubs his hands while approaching

THE JOKER: I hope you put up more of a fight than Blondie did, because this
Joker is WILD!

[They fight. Joker's newfound powers prove to be just as effective on Kano
as they were on Sonya and the Earthrealm criminal is soon down for the
count. Joker boxes the air around him in celebration.]

DEATHSTROKE: I don't believe it...he should have killed you! What's going
on, Joker?

THE JOKER: Don't know, don't care.

[Deathstroke bends down and examines Sonya's wrist portal.]

DEATHSTROKE: This woman's teleportation device - it's what we need to get 
to Apokolips. I think I can reactivate it.

[Deathstroke does so and the four of them are teleported back to the

DEATHSTROKE: Perfect. Let's get this to Luthor.

[The rage appears in Joker once again.]

THE JOKER: The hell with Baldy!

DEATHSTROKE: What's going on with your eyes?

THE JOKER: There's two things he forgot to tell you about me: I don't CARE
what happens to the world and I don't play well with others!

[They fight. Joker's new powers prove to be too much for Deathstroke to
handle, and he's soon beaten unconscious.]

THE JOKER: Some world-class assassin you turned out to be! I'm undefeated!
Unstoppable! I bet I could even kill...Batman! Bahahahahahahahaaa!

[Gotham City. Batman is standing in the middle of one of it's streets.]

BATMAN: Alright Joker, you wanted me? Here I am.

[Joker walks onto the street and towards Batman.]

THE JOKER: Well, well, if it ain't Batman! Sorry about before you know, the
"running-away", that was rude of me. You'll be happy to know I won't be
running anymore.

BATMAN: I know you've got a trick up your sleeve.

[Joker inspects his right sleeve.]

THE JOKER: Nothing up this sleeve...let's check the other one.

[Joker inspects his left sleeve.]

THE JOKER: Nope! Nothing up my sleeves.

BATMAN: I don't have time for this.

[Batman goes to throw a knockout punch, but before he does Joker jabs him
in the chin. Batman is hurled backwards several feet to the floor by the
seemingly meagre punch and is understandably surprised.]

THE JOKER: Make the time, Bats! Now you're all MINE!

[They fight. The Joker and his powers are too much for even Batman to handle
and the Caped Crusader is soon knocked to the ground. He lies motionless and
Joker carefully tiptoes over to inspect his body.]

THE JOKER: I did it! I beat Batman! Aahahahaaa! I win! I win! I win!

BATMAN: Not...yet...Joker.

[While Joker dances around in victory, Batman gets up behind him and zaps
him with his tazer. Joker screams briefly and collapses to the ground out

BATMAN: Fun time is over. You can't "rage" if you're out cold.

[Batman opens up a communicator.]

BATMAN: Luthor, this is Batman. Your strike team failed. Joker's been
exposed to the planetary merger and the power went to his head. You
shouldn't have trusted the clown with such an important mission.

LEX LUTHOR: Give me some credit, Batman. I used those psychotics as a
diversion. Catwoman and I are still on track to take the portal.

BATMAN: You'd better be on our side for this one Luthor. If not, I'll be 
the first one you'll answer to.


[The scene opens at the Fortress of Solitude. A portal opens up and Shang
Tsung comes through it along with Liu Kang, who speaks into his 
communicator (presumably to Kitana).]

LIU KANG: Shang Tsung and I have just arrived at the fortress. No sign of
the enemy.

SHANG TSUNG: You can chat with your woman later. We have a job to do. 
People to kill.

[Liu Kang looks like he's about to say something, but the two of them spot
Superman gliding down with Green Lantern by his side.]

SUPERMAN: Your forces got the better of me before. My powers may not be at
full force, but as you can see I have friends.

LIU KANG: The warrior Sub-Zero warned us about.

SHANG TSUNG: Let us finish what he could not! FIGHT!

[Shang Tsung faces Superman while Liu Kang pairs off against Green Lantern.
The Man of Steel's vulnerability to magic is a weakness Shang Tsung
mercilessly exploits, and soon Superman is knocked unconscious. Liu Kang
manages to beat Green Lantern around the same time as well.]

SHANG TSUNG: At least they were more of a challenge than your masters.

[The comment seems to provoke the rage within Liu Kang.]

LIU KANG: Do not test me, Shang Tsung! I should have killed you at the

SHANG TSUNG: What stopped you?

LIU KANG: Shang Tsung, your treachery ends HERE!

[They fight. In a stark contrast to their battle earlier, it is Shang Tsung
who gets the advantage in this brawl. He beats the Mortal Kombat Champion
down to the ground.]

LIU KANG: How can this be? You are more powerful than

SHANG TSUNG: I was weakened when last we fought, but energies are in
constant flux as a result of the merging. Now I am revitalised, surging with
power! I could finish you right now!

GREEN LANTERN: You want a finish? You got it!

[The not-quite beaten Green Lantern uppercuts Liu Kang across the fortress,
knocking him out.]

SHANG TSUNG: Leave him - he is defeated. Now you face a more deadly

[They fight. With his power restrengthened, Shang Tsung proves more than a
match for Green Lantern and leaves him unconscious on the floor of the
fortress. Liu Kang, now back on his feet, can't quite believe what he's just

LIU KANG: You defeated him. You defended me! 

SHANG TSUNG: It was not something I enjoyed.

LIU KANG: I owe you my gratitude.

SHANG TSUNG: Save your pathetic graciousness. Were it not for Dark Kahn, I
would kill you now. Our objective is complete. We must return to the others.

[Back at Raiden's sky temple, Baraka, Kitana, Kano, Sonya, Scorpion, Sub-
Zero and the Thunder God himself are in discussion.]

SONYA: We couldn't stop them either. They overpowered us.

RAIDEN: How can this be?

KANO: It was a skinny one, dressed in purple with green hair, stronger than
ya'd think!

SCORPION: I have fought him before - a jester with a twisted face.

[Shang Tsung and Liu Kang portal in to the conversation.]

SHANG TSUNG: A clown? You were defeated by a clown?

LIU KANG: It may be as you said, Shang Tsung. Energies shifting, causing

[The rage begins to affect Kano.]

KANO: I don't need you to make excuses for me! 

[He points to Shang Tsung.]

KANO: And I don't need YOUR approval!

LIU KANG: Kano, calm down! You don't want to do this now!

KANO: You think you could have handled him? You can't even handle ME!

SHANG TSUNG: We shall see.

[They fight. Shang Tsung proves that he can indeed handle Kano and beats him
down to the ground. He raises his hand to finish Kano where he lies, but
Sonya rushes in and intervenes.]

SONYA: As much I would love to see you two kill each other, there are 
bigger issues to deal with.


[Sonya picks up a message on her communicator as Kano picks himself up.]

SONYA: Sonya here.

JAX: This is Jax. I'm at the base. I have some bad news.

[Raiden teleports away, and reappears a moment later with Jax next to him.]

JAX: They were at the base. The guy in the exo-suit dropped me. Then they
used our techno-portal. I think they're headed to Outworld.

RAIDEN: Then that is where we must go. We all know what is at stake. If we
fail, none of us will survive.

KITANA: Then we shall go to Outworld.

[Kitana generates a portal and everyone walks through it.]


[The scene opens at the Wu Shi Academy. Lex Luthor finishes his conversation
with Batman and puts away his communicator.]

LEX LUTHOR: Batman is so infuriating.

CATWOMAN: Tell me about it. By the way Lex, I'm nobody's bodyguard,
certainly not yours.

LEX LUTHOR: Of course not. You know the enemy's base and how to override
their defenses. Once I've taken what I need I'll rally the so-called heroes
to handle Dark Kahn for me and--

[Catwoman spots something while Lex drones on about his nefarious plot.]

CATWOMAN: Lex, we've got company...

[Scorpion and Sub-Zero are on the other side of the Academy.]

SUB-ZERO: More intruders!

SCORPION: Their souls are forfeit!

[Sub-Zero shoots an ice blast that freezes Luthor and Catwoman up to their

CATWOMAN: Our soles are forfeit? Is that ninja humour? Because it's not very

[The rage appears in Luthor's eyes.]

LEX LUTHOR: We don't have time for this stupidity!

[Lex smashes the ice on his knees with one punch of his exo-suit and flies
over to the arena part of the Academy with his rocket boots. Sub-Zero
somersaults into the arena to face him.]


[They fight. The strength and advanced technology of Lex's exo-suit provide
him with the advantage over the ninja and Sub-Zero is eventually knocked 
out for the count.]

LEX LUTHOR: One down...

CATWOMAN: Lex! Behind you!

[Scorpion teleports in behind Luthor and attemps to sucker-punch him. Lex
catches his fist in his hand and shoves the ninja spectre back several feet
across the arena.]

LEX LUTHOR: You'll have to do better than that!

[They fight. Lex's suit manages to provide protection even against
Scorpion's hellborn power and he manages to defeat him as well. With both
ninjas down, Lex flies off the arena and toward Catwoman, raising his fist.
It looks like he's going to smash the defenseless woman into the ground, 
but as he touches down he instead brings his punch into the ice surrounding
her legs, freeing her.]

CATWOMAN: Thanks. For a moment there I wasn't sure what side you were on.

LEX LUTHOR: Story of my life. Let's go.

[The Special Forces base. Lex and Catwoman stand in front of the techno-

LEX LUTHOR: Here it is. Just imagine what I could accomplish with the
ability to travel anywhere instantaneously. I'm going to download their

CATWOMAN: While you do that, I'm going to do some reconnaissance.

[Catwoman walks off while Lex fiddles with a handheld device.]

LEX LUTHOR:'s more advanced than I thought.

[Lex radios in to his headquarters.]

LEX LUTHOR: This is Luthor. I'm transferring the portal technology to the
LexCorp servers. 

[The transmitter beeps in response.]

LEX LUTHOR: With this, I'll rebuild LexCorp. Nothing will stop me.

JAX: Except me.

[Spotting Jax behind him, Luthor puts away his transmitter and extends his


JAX: I thought I'd locked you up. You may have escaped once but it won't
happen again!

LEX LUTHOR: I've been admiring your portal technology. It's going to prove
quite useful to me.

JAX: Over my dead body!

LEX LUTHOR: If you insist.

[They fight. This time, having remembered Jax's attacks from their earlier
brawl, Lex gets the advantage and drops the Special Forces Commander. Lex
stands over his unconscious form.]

LEX LUTHOR: Your cybernetic arms intrigue me. Fascinating muscular
terramulation. Perhaps I'll take them with me.

[A zooming sound catches Luthor's attention.]

THE FLASH: Luthor!

[Lex turns to see an enraged Flash holding a motionless Catwoman.]

LEX LUTHOR: Flash...what have you done to Catwoman?

THE FLASH: Isn't it obvious? She's a criminal just like you!

[Flash releases her and she drops to the ground.]

LEX LUTHOR: You're out of the loop, Red. We're all on the same side.

THE FLASH: Shut up, Luthor! I'm taking you down!

[They fight. Consumed with the rage, Flash doesn't fight with his normal
quickness, allowing Luthor to get the advantage and knock him unconscious.
As he stands over Flash's beaten body, Superman and Captain Marvel fly into
the base, while Green Lantern transports himself, Wonder Woman, 
Deathstroke, Joker and Batman in with one of his forcefields. Catwoman has
picked herself off the floor and Flash begins to wake up as everyone 
touches down.]

SUPERMAN: Alright Luthor, we all got your hail. Let's end this now. Get us
to Apokalips.

BATMAN: Here's your pet clown.

[Batman shoves Joker in front of him.]

THE JOKER: Ouch! Someone please kill him for me.

[He looks over to Deathstroke.]


BATMAN: Joker and Flash are infected. We can't trust them.

SUPERMAN: We've all been infected, Batman. It's a risk we have to take.

THE FLASH: Not to worry, Batman. My fight with Luthor apparently purged me
of my "combat rage" or whatever you call it.

WONDER WOMAN: Gentlemen, if you're finished wasting time, we have a job to
do. Open the portal, Luthor. Take us to Apokalips.

THE JOKER: Yay, we're all going to Hell!

CATWOMAN: And if you're not a good boy, we'll leave you there.

[Everyone walks into the techno-portal.]


(Note: This scene is split between perspective and dialogue from the two
different sides depending on which story mode you are playing, but for the
sake of convienience I'm including it all as one big section. It carries
directly on from DC Chapter 7 and MK Chapter 6.)

[The DC heroes and villians all emerge in Apokalips...or what used to be
Apokalips. The merger of universes has left it as a floating cosmos of
minature asteroids, which somewhat resemble the barren rock of Apokalips.]


SUPERMAN: Something is definitely wrong here.

THE JOKER: I like it!

LEX LUTHOR: You would.

[Captain Marvel holds his head in agony.]

BATMAN: This is what's in store for Earth if we don't stop Dark Kahn.
Grinding two universes together will eventually rip them both apart.

[Lex points to an asteroid above them, where the Mortal Kombat forces have
portalled in.]

LEX LUTHOR: A portal! Dark Kahn must know we're here! He sent his forces to
stop us.

GREEN LANTERN: Fine with me! Let's take 'em out!

BATMAN: Wait. They may not be aligned with Dark Kahn.

[The rage passes to Captain Marvel.]

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Who cares? They tried to kill me!

SUPERMAN: Let me talk to them.

[On that asteroid, the Mortal Kombat forces portal in. They are confronted
by a vista that vaguely resembles the floating void of Outworld, but it's
interconnecting asteroids look like they're from another universe.]

SHANG TSUNG: What happened?

BARAKA: This is Outworld?

KITANA: It is worse than when I left.

RAIDEN: This is what will become of the realms if we do not stop Dark Kahn.

[Kano points to a nearby asteroid.]

KANO: Over there! Dark Kahn's forces!

[They see the DC Universe forces. Superman steps forward.]

RAIDEN: Their commander approaches. I will speak with him, but be ready to

[Raiden teleports onto the asteroid with the DC forces.]

SUPERMAN: I am Superman. We need to know your intentions.

RAIDEN: I am Raiden, God of Thunder. With me are the mightiest warriors in
all the realms.

[The Mortal Kombat forces jump from their asteroid next to Raiden.]

RAIDEN: We have come to challenge you in Mortal Kombat. You will be

SUPERMAN: Don't be so sure, Raiden. If you want a fight you'll find my
friends and I are up to the challenge.

[As everyone prepares to fight, Captain Marvel and Liu Kang grab their 
heads in pain.]

WONDER WOMAN: Captain Marvel, what's wrong?

KITANA: Liu Kang, what's wrong?

CAPTAIN MARVEL: Out the distance...I can feel it!

LIU KANG: I can sense something...something's here!

[Something leaps from a distant asteroid with a large palace and lands on a
minature asteroid next to the one everyone is on. The figures gigantic body
leaves no second guessing as to who he is.


KITANA: Dark Kahn!

[Everyone turns turn to face Dark Kahn. As well as looking like a souped-up
crossover between Darkseid and Shao Kahn, his voice sounds like the two of
them as well.]

DARK KAHN: You seek to destroy me. Good...

[Everyone begins to hold their heads in pain as the rage surges through

DARK KAHN: Give in to your rage. Unleash your aggression. FIGHT!!!

[The two forces, with the exception of Raiden and Superman, charge at each
other. Just before everyone collides, the scene cuts to darkness. It is
replaced by pictures of the ensuing brawl. Liu Kang throws a flying kick at
Green Lantern. Jax and Lex Luthor pound away at each other. Wonder Woman
blocks a high kick from Kitana. Scorpion throws his spear as Flash dives in
with his fist. Baraka and Deathstroke draw their blades. Captain Marvel
summons lightning while Shang Tsung readies a soul attack. Kano grabs Joker
by the throat. Sonya tries to fight off Catwoman, who has her in a
bodyscissors. Batman leaps back from an ice-slide of Sub-Zero's. The voice
of the Narrator (the person who also narrates the character endings) is
heard over the sounds of battle.]

(Note: The Narrators first bit of speech below is what he says if you play
the DC story mode. The second bit is what he says if you play the Mortal
Kombat mode.)

NARRATOR: Unable to hold back the rage, Superman and his comrades hurled
themselves again and again at the invading army. In the end, however,
neither side had gained an advantage. The Man of Steel desperately tried to
free his clouded mind as he surveyed the battleground.

NARRATOR: The rage flowing through them, Raiden and his allies battled the
invaders with a diabolical elation. But as the dust settled, it was clear
that neither side had won. The few comrades still standing tried to free
themselves of the bloodlust.


[Dark Kahn seems pleased at everyone beating each other unconscious.]


[He flies off toward the large palace in the distance. Shang Tsung observes
him taking flight.]

SHANG TSUNG: Dark Kahn is heading to that fortress. We should follow him.

[Behind him, the rage overtakes Raiden.]

RAIDEN: An obvious course of action, but having been suggested by you, 
Shang Tsung, I must consider that you are leading us into a trap!

SHANG TSUNG: You have good reason to doubt me. Long have I fought against
you, but this time I swear we fight togther!

RAIDEN: No, you are in league with Dark Kahn! You lured us to our doom! If
we are to perish, then so shall you, sorcerer!

[They fight. In his enraged fury, the God of Thunder easily overpowers 
Shang Tsung and beats him to the ground. He moves in to deliver a final 
blow of lightning.]

RAIDEN: This is the end, Shang Tsung! I will FINISH YOU!

LIU KANG: Raiden, stop! Shang Tsung is not the enemy this time!

RAIDEN: Step aside, Liu Kang!

LIU KANG: No! I will not let you kill him!

RAIDEN: Then you have turned your back on Earthrealm! Broken your vow and
betrayed me! FIGHT!

[They fight. The fury of Raiden proves too much even for the champion of
Mortal Kombat to handle and Liu Kang is soon down for the count. Raiden
charges up another lightning attack and moves in for the kill.]

LIU KANG: Raiden...stop!

[Kang falls unconscious. Shang Tsung watches with amazement.]

SHANG TSUNG: Fatality?

[Raiden suddenly realises he's lost control. The rage fades away in an
instant and he cancels the lightning attack. He steps back, unsure of

RAIDEN: What have I done?

SHANG TSUNG: You have wasted precious time. We must destroy Dark Kahn, take
the battle to his fortress.

RAIDEN: You are right...but this fight is mine alone. It was my lightning
blast that created Dark Kahn.

SHANG TSUNG: Do not be a fool! You heard what Quan Chi said; we must fight

RAIDEN: No, the rage will only turn us against each other. I will face him

[Raiden teleports away as Liu Kang begins to wake up.]


[Superman observes the carnage around him. Seemingly everyone else involved
in the battle is knocked out except him and Lex Luthor, who's possessed by
the combat rage.]

LEX LUTHOR: You! Alien! This is all your fault! Your stupidity created Dark
Kahn! Now the Earth is doomed! And people say that I'M the villian!

SUPERMAN: You are the villian, Lex!

LEX LUTHOR: Not this time! This time you brought ruin to the world! MY
world! You've ruined ALL my plans, and I'm going to make you pay!

[They fight. While Luthor's suit is an attempt to duplicate Superman's
powers, it's a pale imitation of the real deal. Superman manages to beat
his nemesis unconscious.]

SUPERMAN: You've caused me trouble for the last time!

[Batman suddenly jumps in front of Luthor, stopping the enraged Superman
from going any furthur.]

BATMAN: Superman, stop!

SUPERMAN: Back off!

BATMAN: You're under the influence of rage! You have to fight it!

SUPERMAN: My powers are finally returning to full strength and this is 
where it ends, Luthor! Now I'm going to finish you once and for all!

BATMAN: If you're not going to fight it, then I'll beat it out of you!

[They fight. Try as he may, Batman is no match for Superman with his powers
back at their maximum. The Dark Knight is beaten down to his knees.]

BATMAN: Superman...Clark, I know you can hear me! Look at yourself! Look at
what you're doing! You're trying to kill me!

[Superman readies another punch, but Batman still struggles to his feet.]

SUPERMAN: Stay down or I'll--

BATMAN: If we lose here, if you lose to the rage...then the Earth is 

[The words finally reach Superman.]

BATMAN: I'm not going to give up. I never give up and neither do you! 

[Superman falls to his knees. Yellow mist begins to pour off him. He 
screams out in pain...and the rage leaves him.]

SUPERMAN: Bruce, I hear you. You're right. It was my mistake that created
that thing. I have to stop it.

BATMAN: Not alone. Darkseid himself nearly killed you. This "Kahn" creature
is much more powerful.

[Superman pats his friend on the shoulder.]

SUPERMAN: Thank you, Bruce.

[Superman flies toward the palace in the distance.]

BATMAN: Damn impulsive...good luck.


(Note: This scene is in both of the above previous chapters. As there is no
real difference between the two perspectives, it is included in this guide
as a standalone chapter.)

[Superman flies into the fortress, which is part Darkseid's, part Shao
Kahn's, separated by an energy rift. At the same time, Raiden teleports in.
Both are inflicted by the rage, and both of them spot Dark Kahn standing in
front of them.]

SUPERMAN: Dark's time to correct my mistake.

RAIDEN: Dark Kahn...the time has come to correct my mistake.

[As they both walk toward Dark Kahn, he disappears, leaving Superman and
Raiden to spot each other.]

SUPERMAN: You! You're not going to stop me!

RAIDEN: Superman...

SUPERMAN: Raiden...

RAIDEN: The rest of your forces were defeated.

SUPERMAN: So were yours. Nobody won here.

RAIDEN: Then it is between us now!

SUPERMAN: That's fine with me!

[They fight. The battle is an epic one, but it also becomes clear that the
two of them are equally matched. As they fight one another to a standstill,
yellow energy flares around them. Dark Kahn, who was watching from the
sidelines, cheers them on.]

DARK KAHN: Outstanding!

[Both Superman and Raiden turn to face him, wanting to attack.]

DARK KAHN: Such ferocity! The hatred! The anger! Your kombat hastens the

SUPERMAN: No, Dark Kahn! I won't let you destroy the Earth!

[To Raiden's amazement, Superman walks toward Dark Kahn.]

DARK KAHN: Enough!

[Dark Kahn blasts Superman with an energy blast similar to Darkseid's Omega
beam, except it comes from his hand. He continues to hold the blast on
Superman, preventing him from attacking. Raiden takes this time to shoot a
lightning blast at Dark Kahn. He misses, and Dark Khan shoots him back with
a blast of his own. Raiden falls to the floor, but the distraction was
enough to stop the attack on Superman.]

SUPERMAN: You don't fight for him?

RAIDEN: Neither do you.


SUPERMAN: Seems we have a common enemy.

RAIDEN: And a common goal.

DARK KAHN: On your feet! This battle is not yet over! You will FIGHT!

[The rage begins to effect Superman and Raiden again. They begin to
instinctively face off, but struggle to overcome the rage.]

SUPERMAN: Don't give into the rage, Raiden! It can be overcome!

RAIDEN: Focus...we must focus!

DARK KAHN: What are you doing?!

RAIDEN: If we fight together, we can channel his own energy against him!

SUPERMAN: Sounds like a plan!

[The two of them turn as one to face Dark Kahn.]

DARK KAHN: Face each other, or face me, it makes no difference! YOU - WILL 
- FIGHT!!!

[Dark Khan roars, and they fight. Another truly epic battle ensues, but the
combined power of Superman and Raiden proves to be too much to handle for
the abomination that is Dark Kahn. When the final blow is at last 
delivered, the monster's own rage is channelled against him and proves too
much to handle as his body swells up and light expells itself from him. 
With one final scream, he explodes.]


[Superman protects himself instinctively from the explosion, but he 
realises there is none. The fortress has turned back into Darkseid's, and
the DC heroes and villans begin to come to the place of the battle.]


[There is no sign of Raiden, no evidence of battle - no signs of anything 
to show that the universes are still merging.]

SUPERMAN: He's gone.

WONDER WOMAN: The others have disappeared as well.


LEX LUTHOR: What is this place?

SUPERMAN: Darkseid's throne room. The two universes must have separated.
Everything's returned to--

[A loud scream attracts everyones attention.]

SUPERMAN: ...normal?

[They all walk to the edge of the balcony. Below them stands a lone tall
figure, yellow light dissipating off him.]

SUPERMAN: You aren't Darkseid.

SHAO KAHN: I am Shao Kahn! And you will bow to me!

[Shao Kahn tries to throw an energy fist at Superman, but he creates
nothing. His magical powers are depleted in this universe.]


[A smile appears on Superman's face as he shakes his head.]

[Several shards of crystal float above the orbit of a planet. Shao Kahn is
seen in every one, screaming in fury - he has been imprisoned in the 
Phantom Zone.]


[A brief flash of light bathes over the scene and Raiden finds himself
standing in Shao Kahn's fortress.]

RAIDEN: Superman!

[There is no sign of Superman, no evidence of battle - no signs of anything
to show that the universes are still merging.]

RAIDEN: He's gone.

[The Forces of Light and Darkness walk into the arena where Raiden is.]

RAIDEN: Shao Kahn's throne room...the realms have been restored.

[A loud scream attracts everyone's attention. They all walk to the edge of
the balcony. Below them stands a lone tall figure, yellow light dissipating
off him.]

KITANA: Who are you?

DARKSEID: I am Darkseid! I am God here!

[Raiden looks unimpressed. Darkseid tries to shoot an Omega beam, but the
light barely leaves his eyes before it fizzles out. His powers are depleted
in this universe. Raiden teleports down to him.]

RAIDEN: If you are anything like Shao Kahn, you will find no refuge here.
Your fate will be decided by the Elder Gods.

[Raiden takes hold of Darkseid and teleports him away.]

[The Netherrealm. Darkseid has been imprisoned in the same bonds that held
Quan Chi previously. He screams out across the hellish landscape, but none
hear or bother to help him.]


Coming whenever anyone decides to ask me some questions. :D

(5)               THE FINAL WORD

Well, writing this Game Script Guide took a lot longer than I thought it 
would, but that always seems to be the case with my FAQs as well. :)

Feedback is welcome provided you can write in good English. My e-mail 
address, as it has now stood for over 8 years now, is
Unfortunately, my Hotmail account can get quite filled with junk as well,
so PLEASE ensure that any mail you wish to send me has the words "Mortal
Kombat vs DC Universe Game Script Guide" clearly printed in the subject
title somewhere, otherwise I might mistake it for spam mail and delete it.

Thanks go out to the following people:

Me (no one reads this bit, so why not) for taking what spare time I have in
my life to constantly update this Game Script Guide. :)

Midway Games and DC Comics for creating this great game.

Youtube user RagingConflagration for uploading all of the game cutscenes to
Youtube in high quality for my viewing.

GameFAQs for allowing me to put this Game Script Guide on their site.
And finally I give thanks to YOU, the adoring fan / Mortal
Kombat / DC Comics fanatic who decided to read all the way through this 
guide of mine. You guys are the reason I do and will continue to update
this guide until no more can possibly be said about one of the greatest
video game / comic crossovers to ever hit the PS3 / XBox 360.

So then, all that's left to say is "Catch You'z Laterz, Dudez".

Daniel James Gallagher
AKA Minty Fresh Death