Question from redblade86

How do you know when are you going to die?

I saw some gameplays and it never shows how you die...

redblade86 provided additional details:

Its not like you have a health bar or something...

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pupped answered:

if you hurt enougth the screen starts to become red until the whole screen is red and the chara dead. You can increase your maxheath and health regeneration if you free dragonstatue which you can find in the gameworld
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Skidster2point0 answered:

You die in ways similar to the call of duty games. The audio gets weaker and you hear a pulse. The screen also gets redder and darker until you take the last hit, then you die. You start back at the last checkpoint though, so dying isn't a huge deal in this game.
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silvermetal48 answered:

Dieing - side effects may include: loss of ability to hear backround music(audio gets lower), seeing red, and hart beat getting slower and louder
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