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How do you unlock the legends?

I've beaten the game but I have not been able to unlock any of the legends. (The chained beast trying to get free). How do I free them?

LinkReincarnate provided additional details:

Nevermind I found out you have to use the earchshaker attack to open them. (Square and x at the same time)

C1S1GG0 asked for clarification:

I have an additonal question, how do you free the Legend that is by the statue on the Ice stages. (Guy with sword holding the head of something)

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JKnaperek answered:

Actually. you need to hold square and X, not just square.
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saskew_77 answered:

You need to press and hold down square. When held down it creates an explosion which releases the bonds.
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pupped answered:

@ C1S1GG0: at a point of the game the snow on the Legend dissapier (by me was it after cleaning the dry ice mine) and you can free the Legend normaly (earthshaker)
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justynyenne answered:

Just do earthshaker.
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