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Asked: 5 years ago

Will the Boat Captain be back?

He has to come back, to be killed once again by the blades of Kratos

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From: ctcditty3 4 years ago

The captain doesn't come back. He leaves a note, but that's it....

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His always back! the sick twisted humor of the game should bring him back!!!

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You do go to Hades to kill Hades, so maybe you might run into the Capt.

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Where was the captain in GOW2?!?!

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You read a note by him but thats it

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I sure hope he's back in God of War 3, he's the best running gag in video games.

In God of War 2, when you were fighting the undead barbarian boss (the guy who, when both of them were alive, was about to kill Kratos, which initiated Kratos to make his pact with Ares), one of the undead enemies he summoned as the boat captain. And it was the best.

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Ctcditty3 is correct. The captain doesn't come back, but aside from the letter, we also get to hear his voice during a certain event of a certain battle.

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Ive only found a letter so far about him

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