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How do I solve the puzzle with Persephone (in her glass coffin) in the Palace of Hades?

I'm stuck on the puzzle in the Palace of Hades where you see Persephone in her glass coffin. There is a giant statue of Hades and you have to turn a crank to open the handcuffs and then get his arms in there. I can get one arm but I don't know how to get both.
Thanks in advance.

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MrDunn316 answered:

What you have to do is slam her coffin against the statue with your blades by pressing R1. Once that happens, two ladders will drop. Go to the one on the left, and there will be an elevator down to the bottom floor. Take it, and get the stack of stones you used earlier, and bring it up. Afterwards, put it under the wheel that moves the arms into the cuffs. It will be stuck there. Then run to the right side, and just put Hades' hand into the cuff. Go back down and smash the statue with Persephone's casket.
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Explicit_D answered:

Here is a video of that puzzle.
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ManBearPig_61 answered:

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