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List of the Godly items?

Anyone have a list of the godly items?

I found a lot of them but I don't have the trophy of having them all so I'm trying to figure out what I'm missing.

so far I have:

Also does anyone know if there are Health magic and Exp upgrade chests like in the previous GoW games.

Dreager_Ex provided additional details:

Oh I also have Daedalus' Schematic

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gengar77 answered:

Here are the 10 items in order...
1. Zeus's Eagle- Grants infinite Rage of Sparta
While fighting Poseidon and you are inside Gaia's chest, climb the vines on the right before moving the
stone block. The item is at the top of the ledge.
2. Hades's Helm- Max out all meters w/o sacrifices
Find this under water after killing Hades. (Swim toward the camera.)
3. Helios's Shield- Multiply hit counter x3
Found on the ground just to the right after killing helios
4. Hermes's Coin- Collect 10x Red Orbs
After knocking down the giant statue, go behind its fallen head to find the dropped coin
5. Hercules's Shoulder Guard- Decrease damage taken by 1/3
After killing Hercules, dive directly beneath his floating corpse to find this item
6. Poseidon's Conch Shell- Grants infinite magic
In the room where you unchain "Poseidon's Princess," this item is on the floor in the
back right corner.
7. Aphrodite's Garter- (This is the only one I didn't find on my own. Based on the info of the others I'm
on my way to find it now.)
8. Hephaestus's Ring- Automatically win all context actions.
After killing Hephaestus, find the ring next to the door to Tartarus (to the left of Hephaestus.)
9. Daedalus's Schematics- Grant infinite item (yellow) meter
In the room with the ballista and several warps, pull the lever in the foreward caged area to lower
the suspended chests. Fire the ballista, with the platform raised, into the blue warp below the
lever to knock down the chests. The item is in the left chest.
10. Hera's Chalice- When activated, slowly depleats health w/o taking the last point.
Find it where Hera throws it. In fact you can't get through the maze garden without it.
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BlackVegeta answered:

There's a Godly item hidden behind Aphrodite's bed. You have too jump and glide from either walkway/side opposite the bed. It's an item for Athena.
There's still 2/3 more to be found, but I forget where I picked them up. I think I got one while playing the Challenges of Olympus, I'll check again :P
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jmcdanal answered:

Im in the middle of posideon level-
the ones Ive found so far are:
Zeus eagle
Hades helmet
Helios shield
Hermes coin
Hercules shoulder guard
Posideon conch shell
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NDN_Shadow answered:

● 1) Zeus' Eagle:
Infinity Rage of Sparta
● 2) Hades' Helm:
Max out Health, Magic & Item meters
● 3) Helios' Shield:
Increase the Hits counter by 3 times
● 4) Hermes' Coin:
Collect 10 times the amount of Red Orbs
● 5) Hercule's Shoulder Guard:
Decrease damage taken by 1/3
● 6) Poseidon's Conch Shell:
Infinite Magic
● 7) Aphrodite's Garter:
Continue to use Athena's Blades
● 8) Hephaestus' Ring:
Automatically win all context sensitive attacks
● 9) Daedalus' Schematics:
Infinite Item
● 10) Hera's Chalice:
Cause the Health meter to slowly drain over time, never completely emptying it
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shaki_21 answered:

there are 10 treasures of the gods

APHRODITE'S GARDER: lets kratos continue to use athena's blades
DAEDALUS' SCHEMATICS: grants infinite item use
HADES' HELM: maxes health, magic, and items meters
HELIOS; SHIELD: triples the number on your hits counter
HEPHAESTUS' RING: kratos automatically wins all context sensitive attacks
HERA'S CHALICE: causes you health meter to slowly drain over time, never completely emptying it
HERCULES' SHOULDER GUARD: decreases damage taken by one-third
HERMES' COIN: kratos collects ten times the amount of red orbs
POSEIDON'S CONCH SHELL: grants infinite magic
ZEUS' EAGLE: grants infinite rage of sparta

almost all are found after you've defeated one of the olympians or their greatest heroes. search the area every time you see a mysterious sparkle.
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