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How do I get past the garden maze?

What's the trick to getting the third bowl filled with water?

dvda2036 provided additional details:

I tried to do that but the staircase is still too tall for me to use it between the platforms

dvda2036 provided additional details:

I got it thank you

Accepted Answer

illogic210 answered:

Not water. Move the block with the section of stairs that was used for the first bowl of water down near the third bowl. To the right of the third bowl is a ledge with a partial set of stairs. Place the moveable block in the gap to the right of the ledge with partial stairs. The idea is to create the perspective of a staircase to take the dead body and place it in the cup. Once you have placed the dead body in the cup then move the block with the stairs on it up and place it on the switch to activate the statue.
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