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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get pass the labyrinth in the gardens?

Igot stuck where i should make a pass for the water to flow.

Additional details - 4 years ago

I can do it with the first jat but the second jar i cant fill it and when i stand on it i dont have time to climb the stairs

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From: mantikcore 4 years ago

You'll need to use the column 4 times.
- FIRST, (you'll have to turn it around to serve it's purpose) to fill the urn on the right top of the area.
- SECOND, move the column over to the left side of that same area (around the water-filled urn) and make sure you burn the bramble covering the second urn.
- THIRD, take the column to the far right corner on the bottom of the screen and carry Hera's body using the newly created steps. Deposit her body in the urn (no water this time).
- And FOURTH, move the column back to the stepping stone/switch to take your place while you climb up the puzzle yourself.

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Just get the stone with the stairs and place it where the water flows , and it will fill the jar .

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How Do I Fill The 3rd Cup With Water IVE BEEN AT IT FOR AN HR 1/2

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Take the stairs pillar and put it in the south east part. Make sure it fits right. Then take Heras body and put her in the cup. This should get you started on this.

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So how do you get Hera's body into the third cup?>

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This page has a video guide of how to do it.

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