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All All Questions for God of War III.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Best GOWIII Costume? 3
Cronos - Is this a glitch or am i doing something wrong? 3
Cronos door? 3
Gaia, context sequence? 3
Harpies in the Labyrinth? 3
How do I beat (posiedon)? 3
How do I beat Hippocampus? 5
How do I beat posiden? 3
How do I beat...The Judges!!? 1
How do i get off Crono's left hand? 1
How do you defeat the ghost cerebus in the hades battle? 9
How many bosses are in there? 3
How to get . . .? 2
How to get them? 2
Initial level - Water Horse boss/miniboss help? 2
Mirror Room? 3
Need help with last trip to Hades-suggestions? 6
Other Trophies? 2
Secret Trophies? 6
Stuck on Hades - tips? 8
The other GOWIII Skins? 6
Beating Harpies on Titan? 2
Cant kill Hermes? 1
Challenge of Olympus? 4
Cheats for GOWIII? 9
Cronos glitch-When cronos drops me in his throat, the screen goes black and I die. What am i supposed to do? 1
Does killing the minotaur with the QTE to get health give less red exp orbs than if you kill it without? 2
Does the Godly Items disable your Trophies? 2
End of Zeus Battle? 2
Hermes help? 1
how can i defeat Hades? 1
How do I beat (Hades Cerebrus Breeder) on chaos mode? 1
How do I beat (zeus) in chaos mode? 2
How do I beat Cronos? 1
How do I beat hades cerberus breeder on chaos mode? 2
How do I beat Hades Cerberus Breeder on Titan Mode? 12
How do I beat hades with only...? 3
How do I beat Poseidon? 3
How do I beat Sirens in their purple smoke mode? 3
How do I beat Skorpius? 1
How do I beat the blue ghosts? 1
How do I beat the scorpion? 7
How do I beat Zeus on Titan mode? 3
How do I bring on the wrist armor I got from Hurcules? 2
how do i pass the stage when CRONOS left hand slams on his right hand.and enemies keep dropping from his hand? 1
How do I win when I have to avoid the sunglight? 3
How do you beat hippocampus answer not right? 2
How in the Love Of God do i kill Zues?? 4
I can't defeat the hippocampus? 1
I need a list of all magic you can use? 1
Is the first boss going to be a big one again? 1
Olympian citadel ? 1
Raised Spikes Room? 5
Skorpius 1000 combo? 3
Stuck on kill Hermes do i need more level upgrades? 3
Tunel Flight? 2
What is the button press? 2
When cronos drops me in his throat, the screen goes black and I die. What am i supposed to do? 3
Zeus Fight? 3

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
How do I solve Heart of Gaia? 0
How do I get Rip One trophy? 3
How do I grapple? 8
How do I make it past the grapples at Daedalus cubes? 2
How do I solve (aphrodite sex minigame)? 8
How do I solve piano puzzle? 8
How do i solve the hades statue puzzle? 2
How do I solve the labryinth? 1
How do I solve the labryth? 1
How do I solve the timed puzzle in Hades in the room with the tree growing out of the floor? 3
How i get past the broken bridge? 4
How i pass the hole to get in the forge? 1
Is there a room above the Hades Arm room? 1
Need Help on Simply Smashing? 1
Olympus gardens somebody help? 1
Stuck after getting the Helios Head? 3
Teleporting mirror room? 2
What do you do after beating Hades? 2
"Its getting hot in here" trophy? 3
Can anyone help me? 1
Do you find Pandora in the Hades level or can you return there once you find her?? 5
Get stoned? 2
How do get pass the room in the labyrinth? 1
How do I get past the garden maze? 1
How do i get the "Hitman" trophy? 4
How do I get to those last few boxes in the mirror room? The ones on the far left 1
How do I solve Sword Alignment ?? 1
How do I solve the puzzle with Persephone (in her glass coffin) in the Palace of Hades? 3
How do I solve the two chests in the teleport room? 2
I'm stuck at like guitar hero place at the flame of olympis? 3
I'm stuck were you have to shoot this barrel in hades? 3
Labrinth? 1
STUCK in Teleporting Mirror chamber after Aphrodite and after getting Nemesis Whip - HOW TO PASS? 2
Stuck in the waterfall puzzle area...??? 1
The Smiths Daughter? 5
When you beat Chaos Mode will you get the Unhuman trophy as well? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Where can I find the Hyperian Gate? 0
Getting phantom of chaos without pre-ordering or paid dlc? 2
Godly Possesions? 4
Gorgon Eyes Help? 3
Hera's Chalice? 4
How can i get the platinum trophy? 1
How can i use all my items in god of war 3? 3
How do i equip the godly possesions? 2
How do I get the chest on the chain inside the tree in Hade's Palace? 2
How do you get all of the extra costumes in god of war 3? 1
How many items can Kratos have? 2
is there a Bonus Play, and if there is, how do I access it? 2
Missing one item and dont know what it is or where it is? 3
Olympus gardens? 1
Titan mode trophy question..? 2
Tortued Souls Notes? 1
Uber chest? 2
What is Nemean Cestus? 4
What is the most effective soul select for the hades claws? 4
What weapen should i upgrade 1st ? 3
Where can I find deimos costume? 1
where can I find the code for the game god of war 3? .The code you have to program with your controller? 1
Where can I find the last three collectables? 1
Why does Helios Head run out off light and how do I recharge it? 1
2nd Playthrough? 2
Amazed trophy? 1
Apollo skin? 2
Armor? 3
Best strategy for Apollo's Bow on higher difficulties? 1
Boreas icestorm? 2
Dissabling Trophies? 7
Do I have to be in story mode to get this trophy? 1
Do I have to get all the Godly Possessions in one play thru to get the trophy? 2
Do you reobtain the blades of athena? 3
Dominus skin and trophies...? 2
Final Trophy? 1
Gorgon Eyes? 2
How do I get the last 3 souls? 1
How do I unlock the other costumes? 6
How do I use items obtained from the gods? 1
How do you get those timed chests? 1
How do you use the exploding clay pots? 2
I Have Found Every Godly Posses Item But ? 1
I missed a gorgon eye in the beginning,can i still get final upgrade? 3
If you miss any godly possessions on the first play through? 2
Last open space? 2
Left 1 more item in GoW 3? 1
List of the Godly items? 5
Multiple Godly Possession Useable? 2
No email for Phantom of Chaos skin????!!!!! 6
Pandora on Fire and such?? 1
Phantom of Chaos Skin? 1
Special items? 1
The "Uber Chests" from 2...anything similar? 2
The Godly Treasures Help? 2
Trophies disabled? 1
Using the godly items? 1
What's the bonus for the Apollo skin? 1
When are the new costumes going to be availble?? 2
Where can I find aphrodite garder? 2

Level Help Answers
how can i pass the pit hole with harpy in Hera's Garden level? 0
How to catch a harpee? 0
God of War III, Judges of the Underworld? 1
How do I free the prisoner? 1
How do I get past chain of Olympus 2? 1
How do I get past hell? 1
How do I get past heras garden? 2
How do I get past the caverns after the labrynth? 1
How do I get past The Forge? 2
How do I get past the last bridge at the end of the upper gardens level? 2
I need some help with level one of god of war 3 for my ps3? 1
Is it possible to beat the game on Chaos mode using the Apollo costume? 1
Is there going to be mini sex games??? 2
Labrynth? 1
on God Of War 3 after you beat Helios and you have got his head where do you shine it to get past this point? 1
Stuck!!? 1
Trouble with poseidon chamber what do i do now? 2
Where do I go after Cronos? 3
Best weapons for upgrade during on Titan mode? 1
Bow of Apollo IS NOT WORKING!!? 2
Can you replay levels? 1
Cannot cut Hermes leg off why? Help please, 2
Does the aMAZEd trophy begin at? 4
For the amazed trophy? 1
How do i get pass the labyrinth in the gardens? 5
How do I get past (Hades challenge? 1
How do I get past (Helios)? 2
How do I get past (THE HYDRAULICS ROOM)? 2
How do I get past the area after the chains(hard)? 1
How do I grab the harpy in the labyrinth? 4
I just killed Hades and Im stuck in the room with Hephaestus trying to get up to the portal. How do I get up there?! 1
I'm stuck at the first level were you have to pick up this tree? 1
Question about aMazed Trophy? 1
Stuck in area with shifting wall panels, right after Haphaestus sends you to get stone for weapon.? 1
The Three Judges? 3
Upper gardens how to pass the jars? 3
Where is the secret Hades arm room? 1
Why did Kratos kill himself? 1

Other Help Answers
How do i get from da box to the blue cave next to the yellow cave? 0
How do i get into the dark/blue tunnel thats next to the bright/golden tunnel in the caverns? 0
I accidentally deleted my save file at Poseidon's chamber does anybody have a save file at that point? 0
I bought le dlc pack costumes and I can't use it? 0
What do I do after I glide into 1 of the 3 judges chest? 0
Adjust to optimal brightness? 2
Are you forced to play the sex mini game? 1
Begin first play-through on Chaos Mode? 1
Bonus Play? 1
Can anyone make a chest guide for this game???? 2
Can You Take Over Your Stats After Beating The Game? 2
Can you use the weapons again after you beat the game? 1
Do godly possesions work with the combat arena glitch? 1
Do godly possessions block my trophies when i activate them? 3
Do I have to kick 50 dogs and blind 100 enemies in one playthrough to get the trophies? 3
Do the blades of exile turn red when fully upgraded? 2
Do you get less orbs? 1
Does Godly Possessions and costumes effects stack? 1
Downloading Ultimate Edition Music? 6
For the three trials, there's two minotaurs in the third trial? 1
Game Save Help?????? 3
Go back to the forge? 1
Has anyone heard about any DLC coming out for GOWIII? 1
He he in GOW4 who will be the girl that god of war is going to have........ ? 3
How come the combat arena is'nt the same for me? 1
How do I get infinite magic from the begining of the game? 1
How do i get past Cronos stomach?? 1
How do they help? 1
How do you contact the team that made this? 1
How do you control the video playback in treasures? 2
How do you move the fallen tree in your path five minutes into the game? 3
How many hours whould you say it would take to beat this? 5
How much do the extra costumes cost? 1
How to unlock the Other 4 Costume??? 4
I got all the trophies and there is a mysterious site in last trophy? 6
I used the arena glitch finished one game with it and now it wont go away? 1
Is the issue of the Official UK Playstation magazine that contains the God of War 3 review availabe for purchase online? 1
Is this a glitch? 5
Multiplayer?? 2
Mysterious Bramble Pot - City of Olympia - Help? 4
Phantom of Chaos? 4
Platinum? 1
Secret Message? 1
Short game? 3
So dont you get that magic power you had at the start of the game at all? 2
Souled Out trophy? 3
The cheat for unlimited magic and max weapons? 4
The DLC Servers? 3
The Glitch? 2
The other one? 3
This game worth 60 Washingtons? 3
View points point? 1
What do i do if the princess poseidon chick dies? 3
What is a franchise? 1
What is the difference with Fear Kratos? 2
Will the preorder armors be available for download in the future? 2
After I kill Hephaestus, Do I need to play again the sex minigame with Aphrodite? 1
Any future dlc? 3
Bloody Hell trophy? 4
Can I get trophies in the battle arena? 1
Challenge mode? 1
Collection free? 2
Compare: GOW 3 or 2? 1
Did the god of war team first creat cestus(guantlet) that breacks blue crestal or did the darksiders team did first ? 2
Diffculty trophy? 1
DLC Problem for the Ultimate edition? 1
Do i get this right? 2
Does anyone know what happens...? 2
Does anything happen after you beat Chaos Mode? 1
Does God of War III have many of those epic cinematic QTE events? 1
Downloadable content? 1
Godly possesions and tropies? 1
Good ending or Bad ending? 4
GoW3 rating problem? 4
Hit man trophy / Hermes? 2
How do you level up all the weapons? 2
How long is god of war 3 s story ? 8
I'm missing something, can anyone tell me what? 1
Is 03/16 the final confirmed release date for God of War 3? 1
Is it as OMG as its been hyped? 4
Is it going to be the last game in the series? 5
Is there a new game+? 1
Is this the easiest god of war? 2
Last Trophy on the PS3 list? 1
My pre order code? 1
Nice tan trophy? 1
Nudity??? 1
Ok! how bloody is this game? 2
Online? 7
Phantom of Chaos skin e-mail???!!!!!! 4
Phantom of Chaos skin??? 2
Platnium Trophy? 1
Questions for easy mode? 1
Save not working? 2
Special Thanks to Elijah Wood?? 1
The pre-order costume? 9
Titan mode? 2
Trophies? 2
Upgrading geapons? 2
What and when does it happen? 1
What costumes do you get by beating the game? 8
What happens after you beat the Challenge of Exile? 2
What is different in the Japanese version of God of War 3? 1
What's with the new update? 2
Who can take down the god fo war? 8
Why do gamers post their saves on 2
Will the arena glitch give you all god items? 1
Will the Boat Captain be back? 7

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