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How do i get from da box to the blue cave next to the yellow cave? 0
How do i get into the dark/blue tunnel thats next to the bright/golden tunnel in the caverns? 0
I accidentally deleted my save file at Poseidon's chamber does anybody have a save file at that point? 0
I bought le dlc pack costumes and I can't use it? 0
What do I do after I glide into 1 of the 3 judges chest? 0
Adjust to optimal brightness? 2
Are you forced to play the sex mini game? 1
Begin first play-through on Chaos Mode? 1
Bonus Play? 1
Can anyone make a chest guide for this game???? 2
Can You Take Over Your Stats After Beating The Game? 2
Can you use the weapons again after you beat the game? 1
Do godly possesions work with the combat arena glitch? 1
Do godly possessions block my trophies when i activate them? 3
Do I have to kick 50 dogs and blind 100 enemies in one playthrough to get the trophies? 3
Do the blades of exile turn red when fully upgraded? 2
Do you get less orbs? 1
Does Godly Possessions and costumes effects stack? 1
Downloading Ultimate Edition Music? 6
For the three trials, there's two minotaurs in the third trial? 1
Game Save Help?????? 3
Go back to the forge? 1
Has anyone heard about any DLC coming out for GOWIII? 1
He he in GOW4 who will be the girl that god of war is going to have........ ? 3
How come the combat arena is'nt the same for me? 1
How do I get infinite magic from the begining of the game? 1
How do i get past Cronos stomach?? 1
How do they help? 1
How do you contact the team that made this? 1
How do you control the video playback in treasures? 2
How do you move the fallen tree in your path five minutes into the game? 3
How many hours whould you say it would take to beat this? 5
How much do the extra costumes cost? 1
How to unlock the Other 4 Costume??? 4
I got all the trophies and there is a mysterious site in last trophy? 6
I used the arena glitch finished one game with it and now it wont go away? 1
Is the issue of the Official UK Playstation magazine that contains the God of War 3 review availabe for purchase online? 1
Is this a glitch? 5
Multiplayer?? 2
Mysterious Bramble Pot - City of Olympia - Help? 4
Phantom of Chaos? 4
Platinum? 1
Secret Message? 1
Short game? 3
So dont you get that magic power you had at the start of the game at all? 2
Souled Out trophy? 3
The cheat for unlimited magic and max weapons? 4
The DLC Servers? 3
The Glitch? 2
The other one? 3
This game worth 60 Washingtons? 3
View points point? 1
What do i do if the princess poseidon chick dies? 3
What is a franchise? 1
What is the difference with Fear Kratos? 2
Will the preorder armors be available for download in the future? 2

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