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How do I get 1 million studs in the wayne manor?

To be a little more specific, I can get 990,000 studs. I've played though the level 6-8 times now and I am always missing one final stud. I am thinking that I am missing it in the mario side scroller level.

I get the 3 studs outside of the manor, 1 by the mower and 2 on the roof. I get all the ones in the hovercraft level. Its kinda hard to miss a spinning propeller. So that leaves me to believe that I am missing the final stud in side scroller portion.

Is there a hidden box somewhere that is hidden above or below, one that is exceptionally difficult to see. Something different that I have to do with one of the more obscure characters?

Any help on this would be great. Detailed help would be great.!


Hotguy845 answered:

Read CyrusZ's walkthrough,it tells you exactly how to beat it.According to the walkthrough,you get 3 studs outside,47 in the side-scroller,and 50 in the rolling bombs area.
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