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Error Code?

Is anyone else having this issue, after playing the game, has done this several times, but I go to system update, and it tells me Hard Drive Not accessible, but when I turn the ps3 back on, it's normal, but yet does it again after I quit the game Deus Ex everytime.... No other game I own makes it do this, as I tested before hand.... Is there something wrong with the information on the Deus Ex disc I should be concerned about, or is this a glitch that they know about and need to fix?

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no, I have the 250gb Slim, and it's got 184 gb left, and I reinstalled Bioshock 2 cause that is 3 times bigger than Deus ex, and it didn't do it with that game, but when I put in Deus ex again and quit, it did it....

Additional details - 3 years ago

Dante_Inferno....... I only play for 2-3 hrs at a time, and don't start playing again for 4-7 hrs later, I don't think its the HDD, cause mine is farely new, bout a year old.. Maybe Jenson is tryin to hack through my PS3, lmao...

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Do you have enough space on your hard drive? because if you have one of the older models like mine (60gb), it can be filled up pretty quick. so all i have to say is check how much space you have, and if you are low consider deleting game data to free some space up.

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I've got nothin' for you then Sorry

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I had a problem simliar to this one time with some of my games, so my question to you how much do you play your games and how often do you shut off your ps3 for a cool down? on average I would shut my system off every 12 hours after playing a game or games. I was also low on space and my hdd was starting to go so I think you might possibly have a harddrive that might be going on you. I bought the 250gb slim and replaced it with a 500gb that i bought at a best buy. So that is one option you can look at. Or the game itself might possibly be faulty but if it isn't recognizing your HDD then I'd say it was the first one I mentioned. Hopefully that helps you

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It may just be that the hard drive file system has become somewhat corrupted over time as all hard drives experience a degree of this over time; try watching ; I had a similar issue and this worked for me, it may just be that the section of the hard drive that DX:HR is contained on is the corrupted part... hope that helps

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