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Anyone else having trouble with Praxis Points?

Okay, so in the beginning of the game, they give you a free Praxis point. I saved it because, according to the augmentations screen, I only needed 300xp for another Praxis point. I am now at 2815xp and the screen says "next praxis 2185" still, but I never got the Praxis.
Is there something wrong, or was is because I saved the free point?

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Yeaitswill answered:

Your probably looking at total xp as the point to get another praxis point. right now, my total xp is 23805, and next praxis 1195, in other words, i need to get 1195 to get that next praxis point, in other words, its possible that free one counted as that 300xp for the praxis point, and then after you get another 2815 xp you get the next one. hopefully that answered your question, or i mis read the question.
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bloodkey303 answered:

you will always get a praxis point once you accumulate 5000 xp. though depending on how you do your missions you end up taking a longer ways to fill the meter. most xp is gained from using physical non lethal takedowns, making it through an area without alerting any hostiles, and successfully hacking computers and collecting the datastones within the hack minigame. extra xp can be gained my the sidequests and following them exactly so you don't skip over any xp markers. and traverse the maps as much as you can so you gain xp just for exploring and keep an eye out for eBooks
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Turismowitabus answered:

The first response may be right.
I save praxis points all the time (usually have 3 saved in case I get to a technical barrier) and they never disappear. If anything, I swear I either level like RPGenius or they're breeding because I'm only trying to save one or two at a time yet I'm always stocked to three. Yay?
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