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Is there anyway for melee attacks take no energy?

Hello I just finished the first level and it was great. I want to get the pacifist trophy. Do I get a upgrade with this aug later in?

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Thanks but man it have the max recharge aug and the double takedown it helps but I feel that the melee attacks shouldn't really take energy or they could of kept it and have melee weapons or melee attacks.

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Turismowitabus answered:

All the augs available are visible, candy bars and beer will help a little bit. In the game, of course!
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Turismowitabus answered:

There is one way but it requires patients. You must upgrade your battery recharge and pick your battles. You won't be an unarmed master at first but you always recharge one reserve battery. Closest you'll get. You can also unlock double-takedown for a conserving way to defeat enemies. I like a stun gun and take-down combo: stun farthest and melee closest in less then a second. Even avoids the alarm.
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Sevi_ney answered:

Icarus Landing will stun enemies if you fall high enough to activate while holding R1.

It might be good to bide you some time.
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