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Hey when you tranquilize someone do they wake up?

I shot the gun dealer with a tranq dart

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Turismowitabus answered:

Only if they are discovered by a friend or enemy who can be hostile towards you.
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BadxAce answered:

If you knock someone unconscious they will only get up if another person gets them up. Since you knocked out the gun dealer (may i ask why?) there should be a bodyguard, so pull out your gun and fire a few rounds to make him hostile and get the hell out. Hopefully he should resuscitate the dealer. If there is no bodyguard or you tranqed him too, try dragging the dealer into the streets and using the previous tactic, though this may hurt your public image. Also, you may try checking back after doing a main quest that requires you to leave the city.

I haven't came across this problem so these suggestions are just theory. Let me know if they work and were you able to get anything from the body? I've had the urge to cap one in the head so i just might if it's worth it.
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Endomorth answered:

I accidently performed a melee takedown whilst double taping the button to exit the screen, the bodyguard was outside so I dragged him out to him and ran. Checked to see after the bodyguard dropped hostility and the dealer was awake. If you did knock out the bodyguard too dragging him close to a cop 'might' work too
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