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Stuck on Talion A.D?

Okay, so I went to the butcher shop and went to the back room. I found the dead body and looted the pocket secretary. The quest says that I need to read it so I read it. Problem was that the quest never updated and now I'm just stuck on that part. I kept on reading the email thingy over and over and it never updated still. Someone help!

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TheGame50401 answered:

If I remember right, you'll want to enter the sewer, I had a hard time with that one too, but that's where I remember of seeing a group of augmented people that when you walk up to them, a cutscene will start, your supposed to try to make the person your talking to wanna turn himself in, but if this is the right 1 your talkin about, you might aswell choose Fight when the option insists, cause he never turns himself in..... and if this is the right one, you would have first talked to the doctor in the L.I.M.B Clinic.... and if this isn't the one, im sorry.... I pasted this mission your talkin bout awhile ago and really can't remember if its the right one.
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TheGame50401 answered:

And if you wanna tip, go to youtube and they should have single side/main mission walkthroughs that show you what you need to do, that's what I usually do..
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