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How do I get past the Construction Yard Crash undetected?(spoilers)

In the bit where the chopper is shot down, and you can either run or stay and help, I tried running, with cloak on, and was detected by someone who wasn't even looking in my direction. It seems that once I pass a certain point, I'm detected regardless of what I do. Is this some sort of bug? Has anyone else had this problem? I've done a perfect stealth playthrough, but this utterly impossible detection is going to me cost me extra XP and a trophy. Any tips?


Xenoblade answered:

I crouched and snuck out the left side of the stage with no problem
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Turismowitabus answered:

Ok, this had me too. You will have to let Malik die, then you have to move cover to cover and overtake from behind. Start with the snipers and grab people on the outskirts using melee. They are too close to use the stun gun and they can sometimes see or hear the melee, so patience is required for completionists. Don't forget to slowly drag downed fools behind cover. And they can hear you run and will spot you if you use invisibilty (they got powers too, yah know) so don't give 'em a reason to start searching. Slow and steady.
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Deathdragonxxx1 answered:

If you have the upgraded armor augmentation you should have also selected the augmentation that lets you not get damaged by electricity. If you have this you can walk to the left and walk in the water without taking damage. There should also be a boarded area you can just jump to on the left side by the water and walk across that to get to the elevator.
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Endomorth answered:

I did a pacifist/foxiest of the hounds playthrough on hard AND saved malik. The trophy FotH is not DONT BE DETECTED, its not letting guards set off any alarm panels or letting a camera spot you for too long or shooting a camera. All these things cause alarms to go off. The crash courtyard they know your there! There dont have any alarm panels to set off. Kill them or Knock them out, simple. By the way if your are knocking them out beware the numpty that moves up and stands where the robot drops in, even if he is stunned the exploding robot will take him out lol. Gas grenades/mines are your friend especially if you yourself have the rebreather
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Endomorth answered:

Beware in cerain places you find cowardly guards, when they are alarmed and havent properly spotted you, you will hear them say, someone sound the alarm. You can also hack and disable alarm panels, watching a guard try to use a disarmed panel is quite funny
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