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Help with the fema facility?

Ive tried multiple times to get past this part right before you verse the games first boss but I cant find out where to go or what to do... Im at the part where theres a guy talking to 4 or 5 other guys on a lower level and then they disperse ... I found the vent on the left of where you enter but I cant find any ladder or hub to open the room where i need to go that the strategy guide mentions ... Help would be appreciated!!! This game is great but its so dang hard!!!!

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I dont know where to get the rifle and you didn't really answer my question ... Im stuck here I don't know where to go ... Its not that its hard its just I dont know where to go ... The strategy guide says I need to find a security hub but I have no idea where it is!!! Where do you get the rifle though?

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TheGame50401 answered:

That must be Barret, and I do agree with you, it is kinda hard at first, but once you start getting augmentation upgrades, it'll be alot better..... The funny thing about this game is, only a few shots kill you, but it takes 50 bullets to kill some of these guys..... ok, here's the thing, look for doors u need to hack, or use your map, your map is your friend in this game, I use it alot myself..... also, if you haven't found the Sniper-Rifle, you might want to, it makes the Barret fight alot easier, just 3-4 shots to the head kills him..... and to give you a hint, you wanna search everywhere and everything, and if I was you, I'd upgrade the Hack Capture part first, your gonna want to.... Hope this helps you, if not, im sorry....
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