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Praxis Points?

My question is what is the maximum amount of Praxis Points you can get from this game? That includes getting them through EX points, buying Praxis Kits through LIMB and finding Praxis Kits through the games.

I want to find out how many of the abilities you can get with the points.

Accepted Answer

layzienoy answered:

If you basically go out of your way for every EXP you can get enough praxis for all the augments, use take down as much as possible, hack everything, etc. From the stores however 2 in Detroit, 2 in Hengsha, 2 back in Detroit, 2 back in Hengsha, 2 in final limb clinic.
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Marozi answered:

Here's what I know so far: You can get 6 Praxis Points from LIMB clinics. 2 in Detroit the first time through, 2 in Hengsha, and 2 in Detroit the second time. You find one in the first mission, and one in the Chop Shop in Detroit, if you can locate it.

One is also found in Detroit, trapped in a Certain Person's Office with EMP Mines underneath a body. Malik gives you one upon completing her Shanghai Justice mission.
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layzienoy answered:

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that some of the side quests (like the bar tender in Hengsha) give you praxis kits as well, and you can find them randomly in the maps.
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