Question from xmrf63r

How do I get past a glitch in the Cloak and Daggers side quest?

I cannot complete this quest because my map shows one gang member left alive in the apartment building. When I go to this location, the marker is on the floor above me that cannot be reached.

Thank you for any help!


KitsuneSenpai answered:

I had the same problem just leave the building and re-enter he should respawn in the apartment.
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layzienoy answered:

I had this problem when I used the wall punch to enter the building, try to exit and reenter as was suggested to get a respawn, but also look at the bodies on the floor I had one guy land on his rifle and glitch out I had to crawl up to him and pick up the weapon to end the quest. Be careful he might die if you are wanting to not kill anyone.
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Wibbly2001 answered:

I had this happen and went on to read a multitude of forums etc and found that a combination of all the things i read worked best. Basically you need to shoot, throw grenades towards him/at him etc etc to get him alarmed and moving about. When he is moving around you need to move around the apartment too, firing shots or anything to keep him interested. He can fall down through a ceiling, pop up in the kitchen, get killed by a grenade......?
If he falls into that locked apartment across the hall, i couldn't solve that one? Just reloaded and did the above.
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