Question from Auron35

Help unlocking the "Balls" Trophy?

For some reason the "Balls" Trophy does not unlock. I have dropped the ball into the basket several times and still nothing is popping. Anyone know why?

Auron35 provided additional details:

I tried stacking boxes and I dropped the ball straight into the basket several times but nothing happened. I reloaded and did it again and it popped first time. No idea if it was a glitch or not but it is unlocked now.

Accepted Answer

Zwieg answered:

This worked for me: I gathered a bunch of boxes and barrels and stacked them up to the rim.. The i dropped the ball directly over the hoop and it gave me the Trophy..
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darcknite04 answered:

Try shooting the ball by pressing the fire button (R1 on PS3) while aiming the ball to shoot it rather than dropping it. Hope this helps.
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