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Double Takedown?

I got the reflex augmentation to allow you to take down two enemies at once but i have not been able to do it and there are no in-game instructions on how to do it. Does it have to be lethal or non-lethal? Will there be a certain icon?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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deadnarwhal answered:

It's a useful ability as it does allow you to take down 2 opponents at once. And the animation is pretty cool too. Yes you will notice a new symbol at the bottom just like you see when you go to take one guy down. You can also do lethal and non lethal, non lethal netting you higher experience of course. The thing is the 2 opponents need to be close to each other, standing not sitting (at least the few times I have found sitting guards I was unable to double team them). Try to find 2 guards talking to each other and sneak up on them and you should get the symbol for dual take down. I had issues finding the right way to pull it off to, but once you get the feel for it it's a simple enough thing to do.

Also if a guard is talking to a civilian you will take down both of them, though I am not sure if that affects any trophies and stuff.
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Turismowitabus answered:

Proximity is close, targets two, perameters: no sitting guards. Works always, requardless of alert status. Will highlight a symbol with arms spread. Best thing ever.
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