Question from raiden-94

Asked: 3 years ago

Is the game really broken?

Okay, so the first thing I realized about the game was the crappy visuals, but I guess everybody knows about that by now.What I really want to know is if the game is really broken. I started gathering praxis points and buying augs, but then I realized that some augs actually cancel eachother.For example, I bought an aug that made me soundproof no matter what I do, and later I bought one that made me fall from any height without getting injured, but it made a lot of noise and attracted enemies!!!!So whats wrong here? Is the game really that stupid?

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The Icarus landing system is activated for a drop that would normally kill you (or severely injure). Soft landing is used for shorter drops, so no they don't cancel out because without the Icarus landing system you'd probably die before even worrying about if you made any noise.

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