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Trophy assistance for dues ex..?

I'm trying to get the trophy for not being detected on dues ex as well as trying to collect all 29 exp books. I'm on a part of the first level sarif manufacturing. It's the part where you first see the bot and camera and the vent is to your right but the exp book is in the room to the front. Everytime I try get to the room I get detected by the bot no matter what I do, is there any way around this? Or will being detected by the bot here not count for the trophy. It's been annoying me.


orgynator answered:

What I did is I went through the vent and used 2 cardboard boxes found on the other side to stack them in front of the bot then go back through the vent and continue. Do not go through the hall way to get back because there is a mine in the hall.

Speaking of mines, there is a part later, when you're infiltrating D-row, with a hall full of mines and if you set them off it will alert the guards. To pass them without setting them off you have to walk as slowly as possible up to them and deactivate them, or to save time just walk as slowly as possible through the hall and ignore the mines.
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dxbrea answered:

The easiest way to get this book is complete the level (talk with zeke sanders) then, before leaving go backwards, all enemies are gone and the turrets and cameras are friendly.
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