Question from ANUBISZER0

Asked: 3 years ago

Will this game let you switch from 1rst person view to 3rd person like Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas does?

I ask because it looks great but I don't really like first person shooters.

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From: Yamasuke666 3 years ago

not it will not, but there are certain situations (i.e, taking cover behind a crate) where it will automatically switch to third person. Other then that, no.

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No, it does not. The game switches you to third-person "over the shoulder" view whenever you use the cover mechanism. As soon as you stop using cover, you drop back into first-person view.

For what it's worth, the transition is handled very well and I don't miss a "change view" button. I thought I would, but it ended up working out really well.

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