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Asked: 5 years ago

Zombie mode: Is there any cheats on the first map?

Ok I have been trying to get farthere than round 13 but I can't even though I play co-op. So I want to know is there any cheats and if so how do I use them?

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I have heard that there is a way of geting on the small ledge above the stairs so the zombies can't reach you.

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The ledge halfway up the stairs is patched

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There is a 2 player glitch works online and co-op wat u need to do is buy all stairs do NOT buy the HELP door its the only glitch that works death barriers do not work since the release of der riese. anyway the grenades upstairs u hav to up against the railing there u dont need to b at the 'cant stand here' w/ the grenades. hav another person go downstars underneath the stairs near the chip on the wall and stand near the shelf against the wall. if u did this right the zombies will go up and down the stairs confused. the person upstairs will be safe but an occasional zombie will glitch towards the floor below u. the person downstairs has to b on guard always because stray zombies will go towards u and eventually itll stop. yea u could do this with more ppl for cover

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Man just play the game its no fun if you cheat cuz then you're not showing your true skill your just being some loser who is too cheap to learn to play the game fairly.

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Add me evil1361 ill get u past 13

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