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Nacht der untoten weapons?

Does anybody have a list of the available weapons and/or the odds of getting them out of the mystery box?

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Solidsnakex18 answered:

browning-medium/hard to get
mg 42- medium/hard to get
springfeild-hard to get
kar98k-buy from starting area wall
m1A1-buy from starting are wall
grenades-buy upstairs from wall
trench gun-buy upstairs from wall
B.A.R-buy upstairs from wall
kar98k scoped-buy upstairs from cabinet
ray gun- hardest
tommy gun-buy from wall in hell room
Double barrel shotgun-buy form hell room wall
colt-get at beginning of game
mp 40-easy
m1 grand-esay
m1 grand with noob tubes- easy/medium
fg 42-medium
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unphaque answered:

guns the guy above me forgot

type 100
gewehr 43
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Ichigo619 answered:

There is no Type 100 or PPSh in NDU
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unphaque answered:

oh snap i didnt see that he said NDU....scratch type 100 and ppsh then
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Sammy196 answered:

Umm to the first answer its thompson sorry to correct but it may confuse some people
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thefear08854 answered:

The trick to getting good guns is the glowing ? marks on the box. u get white its a bad gun, somewat gold ok gun, dark gold u get the best guns. works everytime and i always get the ray gun or mg's first
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