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How do i enable cheats?


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thedarknite77 answered:

Go 2 co-op then go 2 play online then go settings then select enable cheats and choose the cheats u want 2 use
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mcyb1997 answered:

I only no how to put them on cooperative, go to private and select a match ( not Zombies)

and go to settings and there will be a line that says death cards Dissabled go 2 it and hit X and it should say endisabled and the right side will light up and all the death cards that u have will say disabled enable them thwn go back to where u pick the match and all the deth cards that u selected will apear in one deth card it will apear black and white when shot of hurt in any way.. whrite back if any questions
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Kaladas4U2NV answered:

They can only be used in private multiplayer games. Go to settings after you select the match, and you will have the option to enable the Death Cards you have collected (they will automatically populate as disabled, so you will have to enable them). Choose what ones you want active and leave the rest.

Your now ready to setup the game!
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sharpmonkey answered:

When you start a private match online go to settings, enable cheats then select the ones you want activated then start the game.
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