Question from Xkoncept2323

Asked: 6 years ago

Can you play canpaign co-op spit screen?

Is it possible to play campaign spit screen and online split screen on the ps3 cause i don't know which system to get it for and i already know you can get it on the xbox and this will be the deciding factor.

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From: RAFF101 6 years ago

Sorry correction to last answer playing co-op campaign does not fill the screen on a 480 sd tv it gives you the boxes as well, its the off-line competetive splitscreen that gives you the 50/50 splitscreen.

As well to note so far as I can tell its 2 player only for offline campaign and 2-4 player for offline competetive.

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Yeah I'm almost positive you can.

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Splitscreen campaign offline yes.
Splitscreen online no.
While splitscreen campaign on sd fills the screen, splitscreen on my widescreen plays with both players playing in 2 seperate boxes with a border around it, its very annoying.

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Yes, but it skips over a few levels that you play in solo mode.

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