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Asked: 6 years ago

Iwould like to know how to play more than one person online at atime?

I need to know how to play more than one person online at a time me and my son would like to play at the same time

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From: Kaladas4U2NV 5 years ago

Split screen is only for the co op campaign and ZOMBIE mode if you are only playing with people on one PS3. You can also play up to 4 player matches using the online levels. You cannot join the servers and play with other people on a split screen with only one PlayStation.
You can invite people from your friends list into a lobby if they are playing on another console though and then play online matches together.

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Im pretty sure you need another system

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The only game you can do this with at the moment is warhawk. im afraid you can only play the off-line multiplayer modes together on one system.

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You can't but you can get one of your friends to get another system and play co-op and you can invite him/her to a private match

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You cannot do it with this game, but you can do this with Warhawk and Resistance 2

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World at war cannot host two or more people online at the same time from one console. However it can be played split-screen on zombie mode or co-op/competitive campaign and 1 vs 1.

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You need a second system to play at the same time.

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