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Asked: 5 years ago

Can't connect my PS3 to play online, what do I do?

I get "An error occurred during comm. with the server. This is a DNS error 80710102

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Error code 80710102 happens when u discoonect from the internet i suggest u refresh ur internet connection settings

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Refresh your connection

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You should unplug your router and turn off your modem. leave it off for at least 2 minutes . after 2 minutes, plug in your router and turn on your modem . your internet connection should be refreshed after doing this

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i had that problem you have to talk to you internet company because there is something wrong with your conection OR you can do what darknight said and unplug you router or modem for 30 seconds

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I have recieved the same error i March, around the time of the NCAA Tournaments, from what I gathered online (as well as 45 minutes with Sony Customer Service) it is an error concerning Bandwidth. Either your line or the carriers line is using too much Bandwidth for the PS3 to connect(because the PS3 is a bandwidth hog). Your best bet is to try and disconnect other computers connected to your network, or (what I had to do when that didn't work) wait and hope the usage in your area goes down.

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Try getting the latest update

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I was having an issue like that if you get on the router itself go onto a webpage type in it will ask for a username adn password, default is username is admin and the password is password unless you created somethign somehwere in the router gui you should see an area to update the firmware of your router do that and it should fix your problem!!!!


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I Had the same problem a long time ago. I Found out i Had the wrong WEP password. Try and change your WEP or whatever security code you have

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try putting your ps3 under DMZ so it isn't protected by your router firewall. That and check your settings and your WEP password, your internet speed could be a factor too. Basically do all the above and put PS# under DMZ so it is outside of the routers protection!

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U need to unplug your connecting cable and plug it back to log in

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