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Open Questions

Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How do I do the glitch were the zombies cant attack you???? Open 3
Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
How do i enable Death Cards? Open 1
Other Help status answers
?I couldn't figure out a good title so just click here and help me out! Open 2
A good defender class? Open 5
Are the maps still in the store? Open 1
Can I delete my online information? Open 2
can i play with PC? Open 3
Can I Play Zombie mode offline/alone? Open 5
Can you play the level Vendetta in online co-op because it says u can get a death card, but the level cannot be picked? Open 4
Can you use deathcards in zombies on shi no numa mapwhile on split screen? Open 1
Can't connect my PS3 to play online, what do I do? Open 10
Change Language? Open 2
Co-op on Zombies and Trophies? Open 1
COD lagged? Open 1
Completing the game on veteran? Open 2
Dark_to_Light????? Open 3
Do the forwards about Call of Duty World at War work? Open 1
Dome infinite health glitch? Open 3
Falling zombie of death? Open 4
Friends? Open 1
How come i cannot invite certain people or join their party? Open 2
How do i copy gamesave to ps3 from flash drive...? Open 1
How do i get gamertag points so others wont think i suck wen i play zombies online? Open 2
How do i get more than 2 guns in Zombie Verrukt? Open 2
How do I host a zombie game? Open 1
How do i use a save file after saving to a flash drive? Open 1
How do u get a type 99 in Der Riese? Open 3
How do u play online zombies if u already unlocked? Open 4
How do you get a purple heart in multiplayer? Open 2
How many guns are in the Game? Open 1
I need cheats? Open 2
Is there a 4-player cooperative other than going online? Open 3
Lost Data???? Open 8
N zombies 2 player offline ? Open 1
Networking? Open 2
Plz do me friend ? Open 2
Save Game File? Open 1
Should I buy this game , just for ZOMBIES? Open 1
Split screen adjustments? Open 1
Unwanted online rank upgrades? Open 1
WaW:Do people still play this - 12/3/10? Open 1
What are some gliches for this game? Open 2
what is K/D spread on online play? Open 1
What is the Best custom Class with Perks and weapons for a leval 20 player and under ? Open 1
Whats with the knife? Open 1
when do you get N zombies? Open 1
When does map pack 4 come out? Open 5
When I try to invite people to my own match or when i try to join some one elses it always says error what do i do? Open 3
Which map pack? Open 2
Why Can't I Get Certain Online Trophies? Open 1
Zombie mode: Is there any cheats on the first map? Open 5

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