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Asked: 5 years ago

The diamond on top of the train, how do you get to it?

World 1 in Petro Sahel (sp) the diamond on top of the train seems impossible to reach. I've tried moving a truck next to it to jump up but it doesn't get me high enough. Please help, it's the last diamond in World 1 that I need.

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Ah - Haha, what a coincidence, today I just got this diamond... anyways, look around the shed/building and you should see wooden logs/large sticks sticking along the side of the building. Simply walk up the logs/wood stuff and you'll be on the roof. Then, look for a hole in the roof, and drop onto the train cart. It was 1 diamond... so worth it... lol

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Go to the top of te tower next to the one that the sniper is on Do a running jump from the tower To the top of the train car

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