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How do u replace best buddy when they die?

I killed by best buddy because i wanted to and now im stuck bestbuddyless. i tried doing missions from other buddys but they dont want to be my friend


mordevnon answered:

When this happened I just continued to do the main story missions and my second best buddy took over the role. I then had to find another buddy as my rescue one though as any other buddys dont automatically become it.
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Abaddon28 answered:

In the pause menu under buddies you'll see a point value next to the name. Your best buddy will have the highest point value he/she will be the one you subvert missions with. Your second best will have the second highest point value (obvious I know). This budy will be at the safe houses, and will become "rescue ready" when you approach with them. Your second best will replace your best, should he/she die. You can influence who you want to work with by doing the favor quests of your favorite people first and more often as they get more quests.
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