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Incorrect "buddies met" statistics?


I've just started playing Far Cry 2, so bear with me. I think it was on the second mission my APR boss gave me that I met my first buddy. He was locked up in a bricked room at some sort of outpost. I scoutted, killed the guards and set him free. So far, so good.

What I didn't understand was that when I checked the statistics page soon after, it showed I already had 3 buddies met. The first one was the one I'd just saved and then there were 2 others I had not yet seen. Eventually I met the second one at a bar (Mike's, I think).

So I guess my question is simply: have I missed something or is it just the way it works? Does the game show buddies as "met" even though I have yet to cross paths with them?

Thank you.

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