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Is UFLL or APR the "good" faction?

I'm so confused, I kinda want to play as the good guy, but I don't know what faction is the good one...

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Lord_Coinage answered:

From what i've read in the manual, the APR are the criminals, from before the war started. The UFLL are the politicians and police from before the war started. But they're both 'bad guys', I just think the UFLL is the lesser of the two evils.
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OrangeWizard answered:

APR is the people's army, the millita

UFLL is the United ___ Liberation ____

which one sounds better to you?
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FrankenLife answered:

Keep in mind you are a mercenary, the good side is the one that is paying you more. All of those kind of rebel armies call themselves those kind of righteous names. None of them are good. It is like countries called The Democratic Republic of "X" are generally crappy, and not very democratic.
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dylex666 answered:

Really it seems like they both want the same thing, to own Africa. I just think they really don't seem to be different but the names. But i did like the APR better just because they they peoples army i always fight for the peoples army.
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desert_fox201 answered:

There aren't any good guys in this game. Base who you want to fight for on who you like better. Personally, I liked UFLL better in the North District and APR in the South District, simply because of the characters.
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nIksjaVa answered:

?! ITs a video game! not a moral test! hahaha
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gezus_p answered:

Both sides are bad, as are you, as is the jackal.

Only the underground can be considered 'good' guys.

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