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All Unanswered Questions for Far Cry 2.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Who pays more, APR or UFLL? 1

Other Help Answers
Incorrect "buddies met" statistics? 0
Is it Worth Finishing the Game? 0
Stuck with rescue of a buddy? 0
(Anbody got the platinum for this game?) 1
Animals? 3
Anything new? 1
Boat veering to the right.Any ideas as to why? 1
Can I find missing buddies? 2
Ejection ports? 2
Help cant open dimond case in the police station? 1
How do u replace best buddy when they die? 2
How do you get diamonds in multiplayer? 2
How I get other machetes? 2
How to do rest of the missions after entering the last mission in The Heart of Darkness and The Swamp??? 2
How/When do you access the bonus missions? 2
I have problems going from North to South? 2
Is there any way to cancel a mision once you have started it? 3
Making a own map? 3
Should I get this game? 1
South to North? 2
The diamond on top of the train, how do you get to it? 2
Trouble playing as josip, buddies cant be saved rescuer attacks me? 4
Where are all the buddies in the north? 2
Where is the Plane Crash? 1
while playing online does your XP and kills/headshot/exc. info sometimes get reduced? 1
Why do my buddies keep dying (long question, please hear me out)? 2
Anyway to escape from pala/ not die in Mikes bar? 2
Can I get a flashlight? 1
Can I make some light in map editor? 1
Can you make tunnels? 1
Day Night cycles? 1
Does every replay have homicidal friends and no rescues? 3
How do i get the car radio working? 3
How do i get unstuck!!!? 3
How Exactly Do I Capture A Guard Post? 1
How many convoys can be hit? 1
How to buy cases for weapons ? 1
Is it possible to put oil on the ground in the map editior? 1
Mission available, but the APR won't open the door? 1
My last save point is me dying. So im otherwords im stuck? 2
Numbers in Black Squares? 3
Where do you find the last Buddy in Southern Africa? 5

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